Filming Beginning Soon for Marvel “Hawkeye” Disney+ Series

It looks like production for the upcoming Hawkeye series on Disney+ has begun. Verge editor Chris Welch shared a production notice for “Anchor Point”, the faux working title for Hawkeye.

Filming for “Anchor Point” will be happening next week. Jeremy Renner also shared a selfie on his Instagram story a few days ago that seemed to hint that he was filming or undergoing makeup tests (source:

Not much is known about the show beyond Jeremy Renner’s return as Clint Barton. Reports from last year stated Hailee Steinfeld was being considered for the role of Kate Bishop, a young superhero who trains with Clint Barton and also takes on the mantle of Hawkeye, but Steinfeld’s casting was never confirmed.

Hawkeye was announced for a fall 2021 debut, but it’s possible this has been delayed like many other productions. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier was originally supposed to be the first Marvel Disney+ series, but production was delayed due to COVID-19. Instead, WandaVision will be the first Marvel series on the platform, debuting on January 15, 2021.