Park-to-Park Transportation Resuming at Walt Disney World in 2021

With Park Hopping becoming an option again at the Walt Disney World theme parks for 2021, park-to-park transportation will resume aboard resort transportation fleets across property.

WDW bus social distancing reopening 7 1

Transportation is set to resume with the start of Park Hopping on January 1, 2021, but it’s unknown what exactly options will be available, be it bus, monorail, and/or boat transportation. (Hopefully this will mean the return of the EPCOT monorail loop, though.)

Of course, the Park Hopping process has been modified somewhat, and guests still need a reservation for their first park of the day. Park Hopper hours don’t begin until 2:00 PM, but park-to-park transportation will be available starting 30 minutes prior to that.

As a reminder, new health and safety measures are in place across Walt Disney World transportation options, including social distancing, face covering requirements, and physical barriers when distancing isn’t an option. You can view modifications for the resort buses here, and check out modifications aboard the monorails in the video below: