PHOTO REPORT: Tokyo DisneySea 11/4/20 (Mt. Prometheus Refurb Complete, Harbor Pit Open, Pixar Greeting, and MORE!)

It’s a lovely, sunny day here in the Tokyo area! Perfect for a voyage around the seven ports of Tokyo DisneySea. Its been quite some time since we’ve checked in on the latest developements and there’s a lot to cover, so let’s not dawdle anymore and get going.


Guests still gather around the AquaSphere at the park entrance for pictures. Unlike Walt Disney World, however, Guests often remove masks. Cast Members tend to encourage this behavior as well when asked to take pictures.


Since there are no seasonal events going right now, the facade of Hotel MiraCosta for the foreseeable future.


But that doesn’t degrade the experience of passing through and seeing Mount Prometheus ahead of you. It’s pure magic.


Now that Halloween is over, balloons are back to red, blue, yellow, and pink.


A quick glance across Mediterranean Harbor reveals that this port’s DisneySea Transit Steamer dock is finally out of refurbishment, and the rockwork along the sides of the path is also complete!


The pit below Mediterranean Harbor is also undergoing work for the first time in around a decade. The last time the pit was open was to remove Prometeo, the bird-like spirit of fire used in the former nighttime show BraviSEAmo!. It would seem that the pit will be used for the upcoming Believe! Sea of Dreams nighttime show set to debut in 2021.


There’s stacks of materials piled on anchored barges as the project continues.


From the Ponte Vecchio bridge, it’s possible to look deeper into the pit. Did you know Mediterranean Harbor is only around six feet deep? Those metal fences are holding back the rest of the harbor while the concrete shows where the rest of the pit continues.


One of the fun things about Tokyo DisneySea is how everything has a backstory, but how also everything references each other. This is where S.E.A. started, after all! This painted advertisement is selling Venetian olive oil by who else but the Zambini Brothers, owners of a ristorante in Mediterranean Harbor.


Over in Toyville Trolley Park, Mr. Potato Head’s stage has been walled off temporarily, likely to prevent crowding around him.


Thanks to the new Standby Pass system introduced in September, the line for Toy Story Mania no longer extends out past Tower of Terror nor snakes into Waterfront Park anymore.


The Big City Vehicles are once again ferrying Guests around the New York area of American Waterfront. Each ride is restricted to one party of Guests only to maintain social distancing, and as much space is left between Guests and the driving Cast Member as possible.


Although the resort confirmed just a few weeks ago that Hello, New York! is gone forever, the sign advertising it still remains outside the Dockside Stage.


The area is still in use as a Entry Request-based socially distanced character greeting for ShellieMay or other Duffy friends.


A glance across the way reveals that construction work is now complete on the Ponte Vecchio! This project had been ongoing through the closure up until August or September.


The top of the lighthouse in Fortress Explorations is also back and scaffolding is down.


After over a year and a half of work, the Mount Prometheus restoration is finally complete! All across the glorious icon, rockwork has been improved significantly, and greenery now fills more areas along the facade.


Colors along the mountain were also touched up. The project was the first major refurbishment of Mount Prometheus since the park’s opening in September 2001.


Despite its use as a socially distanced Soaring: Fantastic Flight overflow queue being over, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea remains closed. The ride vehicles are completely enclosed with additional ventilation unfeasible, so we probably won’t see this back for some time.


Over in Arabian Coast, Abu’s Bazaar is currently undergoing construction to change the games within. In normal times, Guests can play these games for a small fee and win either seasonal plushes or lose, but get free seasonal pins.


The Pixar Pals Steamer has unofficially returned, it seems. The sailings featured characters from Toy Story and Monsters, Inc. during Pixar Playtime for the last three years. While Monsters, Inc. was missing today, the Transit Steamer was still playing the “Friends Forever” theme from Pixar Playtime while the characters waved at Guests around the park!


Tokyo Disney Resort has a rather vindictive habit of blocking Guests from taking any pictures in places they didn’t specifically designate. These efforts have ramped up particularly in the last few years, with the additions of spikes along the handrails around Cinderella Castle and the second rail around the AquaSphere earlier this year. These walls are currently behind planters, but seeing how these windows are favorites of Guests trying to take Instagram shots, it wouldn’t surprise me if they were permanent.


Planters are up along the entire stretch of path between the outer upper and lower areas of Arabian Coast, actually.


Behind some of the planters, we can see some pavement work in progress.


Because of social distancing, lines around the park are a bit crazy now that the Soaring: Fantastic Flight and Toy Story Mania are Standby Pass-only. The line for Raging Spirits extended far outside the queue, past Sindbad’s Storybook Voyage to Sultan’s Oasis. Posted wait time? 40 minutes.


Journey to the Center of the Earth was far crazier, with a line that extended outside the core queue, several switchbacks inside the mountain, out the side of Mysterious Island to Port Discovery, and around halfway down the path to Ponte Vecchio and American Waterfront. Posted wait time? 55 minutes.


Guests are finally able to see characters at random times outside! Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz from The Aristocats were all out in Waterfront Park to greet Guests from an appropriate distance.


Also, ‘Olu Mel, the newest friend of Duffy the Disney Bear, is finally available in physical stores. For a couple of months after his introduction to Tokyo DisneySea, he was only available through the Tokyo Disney Resort App.

With so much news from Tokyo DisneySea, there’s still so much to watch in the coming weeks. Be sure to stay tuned to WDWNT for all the latest news from Tokyo Disney Resort and the other Disney parks worldwide! What was the most interesting sight for you? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!

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