PHOTOS: Hogwarts Express Team Members Reminding Guests They Are Under Surveillance With Photo at Universal Orlando Resort

The Hogwarts Express, which carries guests between Universal Studios Florida and Universal’s Islands of Adventure, is testing a new method of preventing guests from doing anything unseemly in their “private” compartments. With guests no longer sharing a compartment with other parties due to COVID-19, the persistent issue has apparently not gotten better. Team Members were already reminding guests that they are under active surveillance, and now they are showing a security photo to drive the point home.


The Team Members are going to each compartment and showing guests a surveillance photo from within the train of guests sitting in a compartment.


This method of reminder is currently being tested to see if guests find it too awkward. Keep checking Universal Parks News Today for updates.

15 thoughts on “PHOTOS: Hogwarts Express Team Members Reminding Guests They Are Under Surveillance With Photo at Universal Orlando Resort”

  1. Yeah, went from islands to universal via the howarts express and they did show it today 11/29 and not the day before.

  2. I would use an ipad and show a live feed from the camera or a GIF to drive the whole Harry Potter theme more like the pictures in the movies.

  3. Wouldn’t have that at Disney, they just take away our favorite themed ride, yes, Splash Mountain, and tell us we are racist for loving the ride for so long…

  4. The thing is, we have ALWAYS been under surveillance in the cabins. Lol I feel bad for the TMs because they now have to resort to this because people can’t follow a simple instruction. Sigh.

  5. Surveillance is very important it is a great method of watching people and universal Studios just wants a safe happy and clean place for people

  6. I was literally there 2 days ago and no team member showed me any picture. Is it only when guests have a camera out while riding the train?

  7. This brings up a disturbing thought for those of us who read or watched Harry Potter. How the heck did Hogwarts stop all those teenagers from….unauthorized anatomy study on their way to and from school?

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