PHOTOS: Say “Buongiorno” to New Mickey and Minnie Italia Collection at EPCOT



PHOTOS: Say “Buongiorno” to New Mickey and Minnie Italia Collection at EPCOT



PHOTOS: Say “Buongiorno” to New Mickey and Minnie Italia Collection at EPCOT

Join Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse on their Italian adventures with the new Italia collection at the Italy Pavilion in EPCOT. Hop on a gondola and sail with us as we take a deeper look at the merchandise.

Gray Italia Short-Sleeved T-shirt — $36.99


La vita è bella with this dark gray T-shirt decorated with Mickey as a gondolier, Italian points of interest, and tons of hidden Mickeys and Minnie bows. It’ll having you longing for a trip to the Mediterranean.


The back of the shirt is similar to the front, including Italian phrases, desserts and our two favorite Mouses.

Italia Wine Glass — $17.99


What trip to Italy is complete without a wine glass? “Italia” is engraved across the front in the colors of the Italian flag, and a Mickey Mouse head in the same color scheme sits above. Underneath in green reads “EPCOT World Showcase.”

Here is a closer image.


The entirety of the glass is engraved with similar pictures from the T-shirt above. Italian foods, nods to the arts and entertainment, and Minnie bows adorn the glass.


Vita È Bella Shot Glass — $9.99


Say “Salute!” with the Vita È Bella shot glass. A very happy Mickey Mouse sits in his gondola on this adorable glass. At the bottom reads “Italy EPCOT World Showcase.”

Mickey and Minnie Coffee Cup and Saucer Set — $17.99


On this coffee cup sits Mickey Mouse with a rose in his mouth as he wins over Minnie Mouse, who swoons and bats her eyelashes in his direction.

They sit against a gray silhouette of St. Mark’s Basilica.


When you look on to the saucer from the front you’ll see an espresso brewer, various pasta shapes and the Colosseum.


The back of the mug has “Italia” written in green, white and red as an homage to the Italian flag.


On this side of the saucer, you’ll see a hidden Mickey, scooter and a mask.

Italia Coaster Set — $19.99


With all of those glasses, you’re going to need some coasters. Playing off the patterns of the previous items in the collection, these coasters are the perfect accompaniment.

Italia Tumbler — $24.99


And when you need your coffee to go, look no further than this Italia-themed tumbler. The pattern is once again reminiscent of other items but is still as cute as can be.


Here are some various angles of the cup.


We found this entire collection at La Bottega Italiana at the Italy Pavilion in EPCOT, along with these brand new Minnie Mouse ears!

Does this collection make you want to go to Italy as soon as possible? Let us know in the comments!

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