PHOTOS: Scrims Down Around Magic Kingdom Monorail Station, Revealing Resort Launch Dock Opening Imminent

Scrims have been removed from the Magic Kingdom monorail station, revealing that the new resort launch dock is almost complete.


Most construction equipment seems to be gone by this point, with workers focusing on the lawn area between the monorail entrance and the dock.


Now that the scrims, which were installed last week, are gone, we can get a clearer view of what’s going on.


The gloomy weather means we can also catch a glimpse of the round lights underneath the canopy, which conveniently match with the ones in the monorail station, as seen below.


The dock entrance also looks nearly finished.


Only one vehicle was visible on the pavement, which has a nice fresh look to it. The wall surrounding the dock features forest green and white crosshatch trellis garden fencing.


No opening date has been announced for the new dock, which should allow for more capacity to transport guests to and from the park.


Keep reading WDWNT as we continue to cover construction of the new resort launch dock at the Magic Kingdom!

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10 months ago

I’ll put a dollar on the boat dock and the walking path from GF opening by Sunday. I’d like to use them Tuesday and Wednesday, but I digress.