REVIEW: NEW Plant-Based “Lobster” Roll and All-American Salad at Rosie’s All-American Cafe in Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Rosie’s All-American Cafe at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has some new menu items, so we headed to the counter-service restaurant to try the new dishes.

rosie's all-american cafe
rosie's all-american cafe
rosie's all-american cafe menu

We ordered the Rosie’s All-American Salad and plant-based Toasted “Lobster” Roll.

Rosie’s All-American Salad – $10.99

This salad is made up of mojo pulled pork, romaine lettuce, roasted sweet potatoes, crispy tajin tortillas strips, pomegranate pickled radish, queso fresco, and pumpkin seeds drizzled with a tangy and spicy ancho-ranch dressing.

rosie's all-american cafe food

While it takes a lot of elements from the Fairfax salad, the Rosie’s version is pretty different. The pork, tortilla strips, and lettuce are the similarities, but the tortilla strips now have tajin. The dressing is also quite different, with a lot of spices. It’s very zesty.

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rosie's all-american cafe food

This is essentially a healthier take on the old one. The pork is much more tender than it used to be. It was more of a southwest salad before. Now the flavor profile is more autumnal, with pumpkin seeds and sweet potato.

Toasted “Lobster” Roll – $10.49

The plant-based “lobster” roll is marinated hearts of palm, celery, sweet apples, and creamy old bay dressing served with house-made crispy potato chips. This is one of the more inventive vegan dishes at Walt Disney World.

rosie's all-american cafe food

This basically replaces the fried green tomato sandwich, which is still available on mobile order for now. It tastes like a German potato salad. The bread is toasted for a good crunch, but it’s impossible to pick this up and eat it.

rosie's all-american cafe food

It’s very heavy on the dill. Ultimately, the chips steal the show. They’re seasoned with salt and vinegar seasoning. They are absolutely fantastic and complete the New England theme.

We would have both dishes again. Have you eaten at Rosie’s All-American Cafe recently? What do you think of the new dishes?

  1. Why? Really at what point can’t we just stick with the real thing.
    I have no problem with these alternatives but please don’t call it something it’s not. As an example, suppose they used real shrimp instead of real lobster… would they call it a “shrimp based lobster roll”?
    The roll itself sound very tasty for sure, so just call it what it is – A hearts of palm, celery and apple roll. Stop trying to fool people!

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