REVIEW: New Beef Picadillo Arepa Rellena Now Available from the Holiday Food Truck in Production Central at Universal Studios Florida

The Universal Orlando Resort is getting ready for the holidays. There are a lot of new experiences rolling out on November 14, from the Macy’s Balloons Walkthrough to the Christmas Tribute Store. and we can’t to do it all. Among the festivities, we plan to eat our way through special food offerings, including new menus from the food trucks. The Halloween food trucks that were parked near the haunted houses have found new locations in the park, and the one parked in Production Central is now open.


The menu offers a choice of Beef Picadillo, Pollo, or Queso Arepa Rellenas. At the chef’s suggestion, we decided to try the Beef Picadillo and it did not disappoint.


Picadillo beef is stuffed between a beautiful split corn cake. The ground beef is mixed with olives, tomatoes, peppers, and onions, with a touch of mozzarella cheese, and comes topped with cilantro aioli and micro cilantro.


It’s beautiful. The golden corn cake was soft, warm, and held the filling in perfectly. The beef was seasoned perfectly and the cilantro aioli brought this whole dish together. We really enjoyed everything about this and will be making frequent stops to the food truck for more.


This was absolutely delicious and even better than the Halloween food truck offerings. If you’re looking to grab a savory snack this holiday season, be sure to pay a visit to the food truck located in Production Central. Keep following Universal Parks News Today for more updates on all the holiday offerings around the parks!