REVIEW: NEW Christmas Spiced Moose Cookie is a Cozy, Cute Treat at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

New treats continue to arrive at the Walt Disney World Resort. Today we were able to try a spiced moose cookie from Roaring Fork at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge. The spiced moose cookie fits perfectly with the Lodge’s rustic theme.

Spiced Moose Cookie – $4.99

Christmas spiced sugar cookie


The spiced moose sugar cookie is packaged in a sealed plastic bag. A gold cardboard insert helps to prevent breakages.


The cookie is covered with sugar and edible glitter.


The spiced moose sugar cookie is wonderfully flavored. The spice flavor is not overdone, nor is it heavy in one particular spice flavor.


The sugar extends to the moose’s antlers.


The edible glitter glistens in the setting sun in the Wilderness Lodge courtyard. Photos do not do justice to just how this cookie sparkles. After eating it, be prepared to be sparkly for awhile.


Moose are featured throughout the resort’s Christmas decorations.


The edible glitter is very noticeable under the lobby’s lights.


The cookie has well balanced and sophisticated flavors, especially for a spice cookie.

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Will you be canoeing to Disney’s Wilderness Lodge to try a spiced moose cookie? Use the comments to let us know.