AdventHealth to Begin Distributing COVID-19 Vaccines in Florida as Early as Next Week

While extensive COVID-19 health and safety regulations are in place at the Central Florida theme parks like Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando Resort, for many guests, especially those out-of-state, a trip might not be feasible until vaccines are widely available and those at risk can immunize themselves against the virus.

According to Fox 35 Orlando, AdventHealth, the health provider and official partner of Walt Disney World, held a briefing this morning where it was announced that COVID-19 vaccinations could be distributed as early as Monday or Tuesday of next week with FDA approval, which would grant emergency use authorization for the vaccine.

AdventHealth is one of the first hospitals in Florida to receive the vaccines, which must be stored at –70 degrees Celsius. Vaccine distribution would take place as soon as they arrive at their facilities.

No major safety issues or drastic side effects were reported with the vaccine.

Would the prevalence of a COVID-19 vaccine help you feel more at ease about visiting Walt Disney World and the Central Florida theme parks? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. No way. No thanks. I hope they do not mandate it. A fast tracked vaccine, skipping several safety trials, and many adverse reactions actually were reported if you bothered to read the study outcomes. Bells Palsy, and death among them. I’ll take my chances with covid as I’m low risk and have a functioning immune system.

    1. They have not rushed it or skipped any trials. It went through all stages and the FDA has thoroughly vetted it. This is our best tool to bring an end to this pandemic.

    2. But if as many of us as possible get the vaccine, it PROTECTS the vulnerable!! We need to think globally “good of the many out weighs the good of the one, or the few”.❤️

    3. Sarah, don’t be influenced by the stupidity of people on this board and those that label you as an “idiot.” The real idiots are those that think a vaccine is going to keep then safe against COVID. A+ immune systems and common sense (like hand washing and staying home when sick) are best ways to slow a virus. But the American people bought into the fear and there is no changing their minds. Just let it play out and hope for the best in 2021!

  2. Not a chance. My family will not get that vaccine. However if someone feels safe to take it that is their choice. As a healthcare provider with a state department of health and a person who works with other healthcare providers we understand the lack of testing and the hurried way in which this was developed. An EUA specifically means it did not undergo full testing as a normal product would over a multi year period. This article is blatantly wrong as there are severe side effects to the vaccine so much so the cdc is concerned people will not get the booster dose. However despite this I will visit the parks when the current requirments are lifted as I and several collegues do not feel they are necessary.

  3. For me, personally, I’m going to pass on the vaccine for a variety of reasons.

    However, if it will help restore normalcy in life and instill a sense of security, then I’m all for it. I’m completely done with masks, SD and temp taking, not to mention the horrendous draconian measures liberal Govenors have imposed on people. Just want my life back and to be able to travel again.

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