Disney Allegedly Removed Rey and Finn Romance From Alan Dean Foster’s “The Force Awakens” Novelization


Disney Allegedly Removed Rey and Finn Romance From Alan Dean Foster’s “The Force Awakens” Novelization

Long-time Star Wars novelist Alan Dean Foster is sharing more details regarding his troubled business relationship with Disney. In November, Foster claimed that Disney owes him royalties for Star Wars novelizations published before Disney’s Lucasfilm acquisition. Now Foster is saying that Disney removed a Rey/Finn relationship from his Star Wars: The Force Awakens novelization.

According to comicbook.com, Foster participated in a video chat with Midnight’s Edge. Comicbook.com has transcribed some of the video chat. During the chat, Foster told Midnight’s Edge that he had written a love arc between Rey and Finn.

There were a couple of things in there, and a couple of things that happened subsequently that bothered me. I’m going to tell you one thing they made me take out because enough time has passed, I don’t think it matters. [It was] obviously the beginnings of a relationship [between Finn and Rey].

Alan Dean Foster to Midnight’s Edge

Like most authors who write movie novelizations, Foster must add details that fill in the story.

I did my usual thing when I do these adaptations of trying to fix things that I think need fixing in the story and fixing in the science. Not so much with the characters, because the characters are fairly well-established in a screenplay. Some things they said to take out, and some things they left alone. Some of the things they said to take out I thought were silly and would really have improved the book if I had been able to leave them in the book, but I can’t talk about those.

Alan Dean Foster to Midnight’s Edge

Foster goes on to say that he expected the budding romance to continue in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but “zero happened with it.”

In addition to the Rey/Finn romance, Disney also removed something Foster added for Star Wars fans.

There’s a scene in the film and in the book where Rey has come aboard the Millennium Falcon, and Han Solo can’t get things to work, and she fixes it. Han says something to the effect of, ‘good work’ or ‘good job,’ reluctantly, he says it. And then I had him say, ‘Don’t get cocky, kid.’ Which, of course, is a throwback to what he says to Luke in the first film. I thought that was a wonderful way of connecting the character to the first film and the first story. I thought fans would love that, and they made me take it out.

Alan Dean Foster to Midnight’s Edge
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Disney’s relationship with novelists seems rocky at best. Last week, a group of at least six novelists — including Foster — claimed that Disney has not paid back royalties.

Foster seems to be emboldened by his claims. With these new details, other authors may also provide a look into their relationships with The Walt Disney Company.

WDWNT will continue to follow this story.

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  2. Dont care about the rey/finn romance angle. The Han Solo line should have definitely been in there and the movie. Great tie in! I wonder how things would have been if Favreau had done the movies. He is doing a great job with the Mandalorian with great story and old references.

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