Johnny Depp Reportedly Took 8 Ecstasy Pills at Once During Filming of Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”


Johnny Depp Reportedly Took 8 Ecstasy Pills at Once During Filming of Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”


Johnny Depp Reportedly Took 8 Ecstasy Pills at Once During Filming of Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales”

In the latest issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine, writer Tatiana Siegel provides an in-depth look at actor Johnny Depp and his recent fall from grace after years of success within Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean” film franchise. Siegel chronicles Johnny Depp’s self destructive and negative behaviors which were brought to light during Depp’s recent Libel suit against The Sun, a U.K. based tabloid.


In the article, Siegel writes:

While shooting Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales in Australia, Depp swallowed eight ecstasy pills at once, according to testimony in the U.K. case, and embarked on a campaign of terror aimed at Heard. It culminated with the tip of his finger being sliced off, which resulted in his being flown back to Los Angeles for surgery. Pirates was forced to shut down production for two weeks, costing the studio some $350,000 a day. Depp claimed that Heard threw a bottle of alcohol at him, injuring his finger.

The article goes on to say:

Disney had already backed away from a Pirates future with Depp well before the U.K. trial, even if it never formally severed ties. Bruckheimer, who has been one of Depp’s biggest champions and once suggested the finger injury happened because “he got it caught in a car door,” was hoping to at least bring the Captain Jack Sparrow character back briefly in the next outing — said to be a female-centric incarnation fronted by Margot Robbie. Disney balked.

It most certainly seems that we’ve seen the last of Captain Jack Sparrow on the big screen. However, it does make one wonder how long the character will maintain a presence in the Parks. What do you think? Is a Depp-less Pirates future enough? Or should all references to the character be removed as well? Let us know your thoughts below.

You can read the full, fascinating exposé on Johnny Depp over at The Hollywood Reporter.

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109 thoughts on “Johnny Depp Reportedly Took 8 Ecstasy Pills at Once During Filming of Disney’s “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales””

  1. This franchise is dead…and Margot Robbie is tanking her career by attaching herself to this project…I wouldn’t touch it with the 10-foot pole Cap’n Jack swung on. 😐

  2. A sober Hollywood is something to ponder. If we’re going to hold Depp to this standard how about the rest? Skewering one guy is absolutely ridiculous.

  3. “Pirates” wouldn’t be what it is without Johnny Depp. A “Captain Jack Sparrow-less Pirates” will not work with fans!! It’s ridiculous to think they would even try it. Yes, he’s made mistakes but who hasn’t?! He is a beloved actor of tens of millions of fans. Leave him out and they will not be interested.

  4. Honestly I hope Disney loses an unprecedented amount of money on the next movie and even more face, they deserve to hurt after what they did to my boy. After the colossal failure that was Cutthroat Island, Hollywood waited almost an entire decade before attempting the genre again; Depp single handedly made pirates cool/profitable again. Such is the power of master character actor Johnny Depp. Look how they massacred my boyyy :'(

  5. The character is just that a character. The Pirates Saga is amazing and it would not be so without “Jack”.

  6. I liked the ride better before they added Captain Jack to it, but I guess he’ll be in exile now with Captain EO, Br’er Rabbit, Fox, and Bear, Roger Rabbit, Jessica Rabbit, the horribly offensive Mr. Toad and his Wild Ride, the unnecessary violence of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers, Drew Carey and his Sounds Dangerous why’d it have to be so dangerous Drew?, plus every Disney child star of the past 20 years… so sad

  7. I dont think he should’ve been fired, let alone have the character he played stripped from everything related to POTC.

  8. There is NO Pirates of the Caribbean with out Jack Sparrow! He made it the franchise that it is. No one wants to see that. Just don’t bother to continue it.

  9. I think it would be pointless to remove him from the parks. Just to keep a few people from being offended that he is still up? I believe a lot more people will be sad that they remove him from the parks. I say keep him up! He is the face of Pirates and if you take that away it won’t be Pirates of the Caribbean.

  10. Without his character it will be boring. Pirates aren’t meant to be great people and as for Amanda Heard she is just as bad and yet she hasn’t been removed.

  11. I would never see a pirates movie without captain jack sparrow! Johnny Depp is those movies. It would not be the same & honestly pretty dull without him in it.

  12. Hi — you asked for our feelings or comments re: Jack Sparrow’s future. And I say that, I’ve lived around some real sketchy characters. Both Jack & John deserve the benefit of the doubt. They are fun! And always kept me interested.
    They both need to have a someone interesting as they are.

  13. I think he should allow to remain in the parks, and to come back to the movie, otherwise no body is going to wash that movies any more. we have worse people that do worse stuff.

  14. Without Johnny there is no pirates. What if every actor were axed because of their personal lives? There would be no movies. And there are tapes of her taunting johnny. I don’t believe he did anything to her.

  15. Base on who witness this, is just throwing and throwing dirt on Jhonny, what really happened is this is true? Or someone wants to damage his reputation for sure, sad 😭

  16. This is the same reporter that continuously writes these inflammatory pieces of Depp all the while praising AH in pieces about her. Coincidence?! Doubtful, greasy hands? Probable.

  17. I mean, did you see the movie? I’m surprised no one else was getting blitzed during the making of and while watching that movie.

  18. Self destructive and negative behaviors can happen when a person is getting abused & they have no clue how to get out or save themselves. #AbuseHasNoGender #cryforhelp

  19. As I have said numerous times, people just want their privacy they don’t want their dirty laundry aired for everybody to see. That includes everybody from celebrities, athletes, even just plain people like me. But everybody loves to gossip whether it be true or not? I personally feel sorry for them because as I go through many things in my life the only people I have to contend with are some of my family

  20. Johnny Depp is the Pirates of the Caribbean. Anything done without him will be equivalent of the terrible star wars movies Disney produces!!

  21. It will not be a pirates of the caribean without Johnny Depp.

    All have we done something we should not have done, but it doesent matter as long as we do a great job. We love his role in the movies and want to see more of him<3 he is the movie and some other characters

    Do not Remove his work please, many would be unhappy without him. We care and like Johnny Depps role as captain jack sparrow the only one. No one would have done it better, says a big fan of all his movies

  22. Really? Remove all references to Jack Sparrow in the Parks. Sounds like the same reasoning that if any aspect of history offends ANYONE let’s erase it. Statues, names of military bases, names of streets, holidays – all of it. If you can’t handle actual history and need to erase it then you certainly have a problem. The actor and character was revered and loved by many and if that was true then some bad acts doesn’t change it. Everyone makes mistakes and everyone grows from them.

  23. Disney is always afraid of offending smaller groups, and they often disregard the majority. They think the majority will get over it. Knowing Disney’s business plan, they will take Jack Sparrow out of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride and replace him with the LGBTQ Margot Robbie character.

  24. Most actors in hollywood go through phases of outrage, drug/alcohol abuse, etc. for many various reasons. I think Depp did an amazing job and will continue to do amazing roles. Do not remove him or the character!! If this continues, think of all the characters and actors that studios would have to get rid of!? Its ridiculous!! So they’re human. If your “average Joe” were to do these things noone cares, but because they are famous, they’re under a microscope.

  25. Um….he’s a pirate.

    I personally am fine with removing him from the rides. Whatever. But you won’t get the original rides back or a plus of the non-ip theming. It’ll be whatever the revamped ip will be shoehorned in. And this regime makes me think it’s better to dance with the devil you know than the one you don’t. His personal issues are his own thing. Sounds like there’s plenty of fault to go around. But… his real life antics were more pirate-y then anything “Jack sparrow” did. The sparrow character shouldnt be cancelled – outside of its decline in quality.

  26. Regardless of his actions or any allegations, Depp’s character of Captain Jack Sparrow should still be referenced forever, even if Depp decides or is forced to step down from the franchise. Jack is a funny and iconic character.

  27. Depp is “Captain Jack”. Why isn’t his handlers getting hin in treatment . If Pirates is done with him then I’m done with them.

  28. Mr Depp IS Pirates of the Caribbean. His private life shouldn’t affect his professional life. I personally won’t be watching the movies that don’t have him in. If it later turns out that Amber was the abusive one or they were just as bad as each other, will he be brought back?

  29. This is ridiculous! No one cares about Johnny Depp’s drug use. Why would we. His acting ability, especially his role as Jack Sparrow, is phenomenal and the hypocrites at Disney will never be able to replace him. They may as well remove all future plans for Pirates because most people will no longer care. Johnny and his role as Jack Sparrow WAS the attraction. To remove his image or reference’s from the franchise would be unforgivable.

  30. I won’t watch Pirates if Johnny Depp is not in it. Just not the same. He and Orlando Bloom WERE Pirates of the Caribbean.

  31. No they should not remove someone that so many loved and only watched pirates because of jack sparrow. The entire thing would be almost meaningless and not funny anymore just boring !! He is a human being like everyone else and is allowed to be his own person.

  32. I call BS.. 8 ECSTASY pills?? Oh come on, how did he NOT overdose??? Amber Turd assaulted him, cut off HIS finger and somehow SHE’S the victim??? Suuuuure!!

    • I agree, there’s no way he took that many and was able to function much less perform as an actor! And to have everyone turn there back’s on him now because he made a terrible choice of who he married. He didn’t even do all those things she said he did. And just because she said them he’s losing everything he has worked so hard to achieve! Not only that but they are talking about taking away a character he made famous and made the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise going because of him and his character Jack Sparrow. It’s just so sad and wrong. It just shows you how there’s just no loyalty in Hollywood no matter what you’ve done or how much money you have made for a company or franchise.

    • I dunno I would take 3 real strong ones when I was doing drugs…6 or so hours later take like 2 more…..and I didnt have the resources to do as many drugs as Depp has

    • I was going to say the same thing!! Taking 8 ecstasy, he would have overdosed or damn near close to it. Even if he was used to taking it, he wouldn’t have been able to perform much in the movie. He would have been anxious, twitchy, overheated and his heart would’ve been racing. Sick of all this bs about him being such a “bad” person, hard to work with actor. But any of the making scenes he has everyone laughing in all his movies. So tell me how you can get he’s such a “bad” person to work with. And how he’s able to get almost 9 million followers on Instagram in less than a year, if he was such a “bad” person. He’s got a big soft heart and he’s kind. People take that for granted and use/abuse him because of it.

  33. No, nothing should be removed honestly. He played a great character. You’re allowed to enjoy the person’s work without liking the person.

  34. It was bad enough watching the pirates of the Caribbean movies without Orlando bloom as will turner and Keira knightley as Elizabeth swann but if you get rid of Johnny Depp as captain Jack Sparrow I will never watch another pirates of the Caribbean movie

  35. That behavior should not be allowed or tolerated….he needs help before we lose another talented actor to overdose.. Clearly there are deep issues with him..i pray he gets the help he needs & maybe return with that gift of acting that he was BLESSED with….

  36. How very typical of this crappy cancel culture we have now. “We used to love you, but we heard something bad about you, and now we want to destroy everything you ever worked on.” Why not hope he gets treament for his issues and wish for him to get well?

  37. Definitely keep Captain Jack as part of the ride!

    However, if they absolutely must change it, then it should only go back to the way the ride used to be! No more watering it down – let the pirates be pirates!

  38. Wow after 8 and he can still act. That guy is king of acting. I can’t even remember what I did just by taking 1/4.

  39. Absolutely not – no Captain Jack no pirates, you can’t get rid of main characters. He played a character, his personal life is his own business. On with Depp, Bloom & Knightly and all the pirates. Yo ho ho !!!

  40. There is no way he took 8 hits of E and didn’t overdose and die or, at the least, dealing with arrhythmia and overheating. This is just a nonsense story made up by Amber Bed Dumper Turd to further sully Johnny Depp’s reputation. She has no conscience or soul. I love Momoa but if she’s in Aquaman 2 I’m out.

  41. He should not be removed at all! He was the Movie! It’s nothing without him, sorry this cancel culture is out of control.

  42. I think that his personal life is separate from his career. And we’ll Deep is a very good actor, I don’t care what he does away from cámaras, is his life. Only Deep can be Jack Sparrow.

    • Public figures have a responsibility to be professional in all aspects of their life. For $40M per film, yeah I think he can keep his nose clean. You’re basically saying that if you are a celebrity and have money that you shouldn’t be held to the same laws that everyone else is. That’s unbelievable and really short-sighted. They need to be held to the same OR HIGHER standards because of their position, power & influence.

  43. No Disney should not remove Johnny Depp from anything. Sure he’s made a few mistakes. But none of them are as big a mistake as it would be to move forward on anything Pirates related that doesn’t include Captain Jack Sparrow. If they do, it will be an absolute bomb.

  44. No leave the attraction at Disney, leave the ride alone. Their will always be rumors, always always I have things to say to someone who is famous they are the perfect target. I also think I would believe the producer Jerry of the movies before a writer from the UK. Get a life people move on

  45. Without Johnny Depp, high or sober, Pirates is dead! Especially a stupid Ghostbusteresque female woke ass version! That will be another disaster where Disney acts like they don’t know why it failed after they’ve been warned by fans what will happen! They never listen to fans & then act like it’s a shock when their propaganda films flop!

  46. It’s not that JD taking recreational drugs like ecstasy on the job is inconceivable, but that it was EIGHT. FREAKIN. PILLS.

    Unless they don’t mean all at once. Oh wait, they do! LOL

    Hard NO.

  47. We all like Van Goghs painting and he cut his ear off in a drug fueled rage for love. Robert Downey was so messed up on cocaine he fell asleep in a teenage girls bed. Look how he has changed his life. Enjoy the art enjoy the movies for what they are. No one is perfect so stop trying to cancel everyone because one day it might be your turn.

  48. Well that was a disgusting read. Shame on Disney for ignorantly throwing Depp away after all he’s done for them and millions of movie lovers. I hope they do continue the franchise so I get to witness its failure.

    • What did he do for them? They gave HIM a job that they paid him $40M per film for. I’d say for that amount of money they should be able to expect he not make a public spectacle that would drag down their brand. He made himself a huge liability & was lucky his money train didn’t hit a brick wall years ago after one of his many other scandals. The guy doesn’t know the meaning of the words: professionalism, honor, class, dignity or accountability. Well, he’s learning the last one now.

  49. Lemme guess- this was amber’s testimony? I don’t believe a word that comes out of her mouth! I’m tired of her dragging Depp through the mud!

  50. Thats just ridiculous…the man is the problem, not the character! Jack Sparrow is fictitious! Johnny Depp is the fuckup…Jack Soarrow is pretty cool. …Disney should keep Johnny Depp out of the park but for Gods Sake, leave Jack Sparrow alone!

  51. If Johnny depp won’t be playing jack sparrow in anymore pirates of the Caribbean franchise I’m not watching it he is the reason why it’s so great

  52. I don’t believe Johnny Depp has done all hes been accused of doing and I don’t always believe everything I read but I do know that if captain Jack sparrow is removed from the franchise I will never watch another pirates of the Caribbean movie again especially if Amber Heard was ever to end up in one Johnny Depp made captain Jack Sparrow what it is and it’s not right that his career has been ruined Amber heard isn’t as innocent as she’s tries to appear and I only watch Aquaman because of Jason Mamosa NOT her

  53. Separate the character from the actor, we can have jack sparrow without the Johnny Depp can’t we? Meaning we shouldn’t get rid of the rides featuring Jack Sparrow

  54. He is a pirate and part of the great memories we all have created. His outside real life doesn’t reflect on the magic of Disney.

  55. It’s ridiculous! Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow. Why everyone should judge him on his work and not what he does with his personal life although no one is believing the. pills bs.

  56. I’m no scientist and I’m definitely not a doctor but wouldn’t taking 8 E pills at once kill just about anyone or thing?

    • Not usually. Mostly when people have medical issues after taking E it’s bc they get dehydrated, not bc they did too much. He probably has a high tolerance for almost anything bc he uses drugs so frequently. I’m not recommending you test this, mind you! I doubt anybody has his tolerance and that’s nothing to brag about.

  57. Depp is the amazing actor. Removing him from movies is dump. I’m excited with the movies just cus of him and I really don’t care what he’s doing in his free time. I guess the people who judge him are saint right 🤦‍♀️

  58. Absolutely not. Depp is Pirates and eliminating him ruins it all. Cancel Cultural has gone insane. Many people loved the character Depp created. Leave him alone. I do not believe he took that many pills. He makes all this money for Disney and he stumbles, and Disney wants to get rid of him and anything that has connection with him. Kick a man when he is down. The kids love him. Look when he goes to Children’s Hospital how the kids love him.

  59. Just because he’s going through a bit of a rough patch does not make him a bad person! He is a great actor and made the character Jack Sparrow what it is. You can’t take him out of Pirates that’s ridiculous! The kids don’t know and they don’t need to. Only Johnny and the people that were with him truly know what happened. Not sure if this is a smear campaign or Johnny is struggling with a drug problem. Either way…

  60. Honestly I don’t care about actors personal lives and goings on. I watch movies to be entertained. Jack sparrow was the only real entertaining thing about any of those movies. Just like I don’t care about heard’s life issues… I think she was great in aquaman. I don’t get why people feel the need to mix life and politics with entertainment. For all we know those pills could have been part of why he was so entertaining in those movies.

  61. It will get very expensive for Disney to keep refurbishing attractions everytime someone gets offended. They better learn to draw a line in the sand or they will go under. They can’t afford to keep doing this. Disneyland is already in danger of never opening again.

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