Johnny Depp Will No Longer Be Playing “Captain Jack Sparrow”; Axed From The “Pirates Of The Caribbean” Franchise

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Johnny Depp will no longer be playing the iconic character that he is best known for throughout the world, Captain Jack Sparrow. The Daily Mail confirmed that Depp will no longer be involved with the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” franchise from “Pirates” writer, Stuart Beattie.

According to the Daily Mail:

Superstar Johnny Depp has been dropped from the Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise as Disney Studios plans a major reboot, DailyMailTV can reveal.
Depp was the major lead in five Pirates movies over the past 15 years – but it appears Captain Jack Sparrow has made his final voyage on the Black Pearl.
Original Pirates script writer Stuart Beattie is the first to publicly confirm that Disney Studios appears to be ditching the star as they rework the entire franchise.
Depp, 55, who has been dogged by personal dramas over the past four years, saw his last outing as Sparrow in Dead Men Tell No Tales, which became the lowest performing movie of the films.
Speaking exclusively to DailyMailTV at a red carpet event in Hollywood, Beattie confirmed on camera the reboot means Depp is out as Sparrow.
Nodding when it was suggested Depp was out, he said: ‘I think he’s had a great run. Obviously, he’s made that character his own and it’s become the character he’s most famous for now.
‘And kids all over the world love him as that character so I think it’s been great for him, it’s been great for us, so I’m just very, very happy about it.’

As we reported this week, Disney will be moving forward to reboot the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” franchise with writers from the Deadpool and Zombieland franchises.

Although the Pirates franchise has been very successful for Disney, the franchise has shown its age as of late. Overall, the “Pirates Of The Caribbean” franchise has made a very impressive $4.5 billion for Disney.

The “Pirates Of The Caribbean” franchise world wide box office totals:

  • The Curse Of The Black Pearl – $654 million
  • “Dead Mans Chest” – $1.066 billion
  • “At Worlds End” – $963 million
  • “On Stranger Tides” – $1.045 billion
  • “Dead Men Tell No Tales” – $795 million

Source: The Daily Mail


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      • He is the star that was a terrible move to take him out of the show he is the icon he is hilarious the way he talks the way he has no care in the world about anything makes him the best part and the fact that Captain Barbosa died made me sad because if you see him in all the movies you can find a emotional connection between all the characters it’s like the food chain if one of the links is broken the rest of the chain is broken if you take away jack sparrow the movie is dead to me

    • I agree with Linda Honrath. Johnny Depp as Captain Jack is the heart of the franchise and any movie with him not in it would not be one I would care to watch, and I definitely would not watch if they recast the character.

  • Can’t wait for another Pirates ride renovation to add in whatever new main character they come up with 🙄

  • So does this mean they will rework the ride and correct that god-awful obvious pandering they turned it into since the movies arrived and erasing its historical joy and place in Disney heritage?

    • Historical? I guess you didn’t pay too much attention in History class. If you think a Disney ride is historically accurate, I feel sorry for you.

      • I thought nunya was referring to its place in Disney history, not its overall historical accuracy as related to real life.

  • This reboot will be exactly what the Ghostbusters reboot was, get ready for a ship full of female pirates or a ship with a female captain who the men don’t mutiny against

    • Hell yeah, sign me up. Give me Keira Knightley leading a group of lady pirates. She was the best part of the third movie and she was rad as hell as a pirate captain.

    • Elizabeth (Swann) Turner has already literally been one of the pirate kings, so your argument is invalid in addition to being sexist as all get-out.

  • Maybe it’s time to put the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise film franchise to rest. Not just Johnny Depp but the whole films play doubt try something new

  • And they think he is the one dragging the franchise down? Might want to look at those writers first…..

    • When did they ever say he is dragging the franchise down? They said he did a great job and are very happy with his performance. He is 55 and they want a completely new Pirates franchise.

      • Depp is a little old for that type part and even less believable than ever but it still could have worked if he/the part didn’t become boring.
        J’s comment might have been “sexist” and or “invalid” (at least to you) but it was pretty accurate.
        BTW, the term “king” denotes a male just about everywhere so in reality Elizabeth Turner as a Pirate King could be considered equally as invalid.

        • But Johnny Depp loved that role, If they had gotten the actor who was originally supposed to play Captain Jack Sparrow It would have been boring. It was, IS funny with Johnny Depp in it. He’s not to old to play it either. Legit the original actor is older than him I think. I think Johnny Depp should stay.

    • Nobody is irreplaceable. That said, they indicate that he’s been cut, not replaced.
      So, they’re “ditching the star” which seems to suggest that they’re not replacing him or recasting the character. Also stated is “as they rework the entire franchise” which seems to suggest that the Sparrow character will be cut as well or at least have a far less significant presence.

  • Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Jack Sparrow is what made those films successful! It’s iconic role of his making and it should stay that way! POTC were great original films! And, Depp’s characterization was the best part, everyone seems to forget how radical and intriguing his Jack Sparrow was initially. His performance was nominated for a Oscar, which is amazing feat for a non-animated Disney film based on theme park ride. Disney needs to be content with their past sucess and leave pirates alone! Reboots and remakes are always terrible because you can never replace the magic of the originals. And, WHY should you? I’ve been a fan of the POTC films from the first, but I will not see any POTC film without Jack Sparrow or Johnny Depp. Don’t make anymore pirates movies, if need be, but rebooting films that are not even old will be a guarantee flop!

  • Disney are you off your head
    Johnny depp is captain jack sparrow you can’t drop him
    If you do then
    The pirates won’t be the same

  • Well that just sucks. I have a feeling POTC is about to take a sharp turn into the uber dark with the writers from Zombieland and Deadpool. It doesn’t exactly sound like it’ll be kid/family friendly.
    At least I got to see Capt Jack at the Halloween Party last week. I wonder if it’ll be his last appearance in the parade. 😞

    Hello from the ‘Burg.

  • I will not be spending any more money on pirates of Caribbean . Johnny Depp was the only reason I went to see the movies! Disney has screwed up big time! We love Jack Sparrow/ Johnny Depp !!!!

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