PHOTO REPORT: Universal Orlando Resort 12/17/20 (AmEx Ads Removed at CityWalk, Holiday Tree Hunt Discounted, More Plexiglass Dividers, Changes to the Old Locker Area at Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, and More)

The holidays are approaching quickly and the crowds are coming with them. It’s an extremely busy morning at the Universal Orlando Resort, but we’re ready to brave the cold and make our way into the parks.


As we arrived at CityWalk, we noticed that the interactive screen and American Express advertisements were completely removed. The area is much more open and bright now.


It didn’t take long before we encountered the lines to get into the park. Lines for both parks stretched through CityWalk and down the pathways towards security. People are starting to arrive early in the day now.


A new face mask is now available at the Universal Studios Store inside the park.


The holiday face masks are on sale for $4.99 and the Macy’s merchandise is now 30% off.


The crowds first thing in the morning looked crazy, but the park did not reach capacity and calmed down a bit in the afternoon.


The 2020 Chocolate Frogs have hopped back onto shelves. Check the box for a gold “2020” stickers to try to find a Daisy Dodderidge card.


When we glanced in the window of Ben & Jerry’s, we saw workers looking at some plans.


More plexiglass dividers have been added around some of the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines in more popular locations.


The Holiday Tree Hunt is discounted now. You can pick up a map for $5.99.


Over at Islands of Adventure, the old locker area for Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey has become an extension of Filch’s Emporium of Confiscated Goods. You can take a closer look at the new area here.


More trees have been added around the show building for the Jurassic World VelociCoaster. This area is really looking good and making a lot of progress quickly.


The lighting has been replaced along the pathway into Jurassic Park. This fits in much better with the scenery than the temporary lighting we encountered on our last visit. We’re really happy to see these new lights.


Some of the smaller merchandise kiosks in Toon Lagoon have been removed to help with better traffic flow in the area.


Even more plexiglass dividers have been added around the Coca-Cola Freestyle machines in high traffic areas.


Thanks for joining us around the parks today. Be sure to keep following Universal Parks News Today for more updates from the Universal parks around the word.