PHOTOS, VIDEO: Massive Barge for “Harmonious” Now Staged in World Showcase Lagoon; New Signage Added at EPCOT

As we previously saw in photos shared by Imagineer Zach Riddley, the first of five barges for EPCOT’s upcoming nighttime spectacular Harmonious is now in place in World Showcase Lagoon. The barges will be permanent fixtures acting as fountains during the day.


We toured around World Showcase to look at the barge from all angles.


Some workers and a construction vehicle were present while the barge is secured.


There are various platforms for construction around the barge right now.


In the China Pavilion, a sign advertising “Harmonious” has been installed on the railing surrounding the lagoon.


The sign has two pieces of concept art, and reads:

Harmonious will be a stunning celebration of the global connection we all share—brought to life each night here on World Showcase Lagoon.

By day, a dazzling fountain will sparkle. At night, iconic Disney music and images—reimagined by artists around the world—will inspire with the stories we share.


When all five barges are in place, they will take up much of the lagoon.


There is another sign on the bridge between the UK and France Pavilions.


A third sign is in the center of the usual fireworks viewing area.


Watch our video of the barge below.

How do you feel about the permanent barges in World Showcase Lagoon? Let us know in the comments.

2 thoughts on “PHOTOS, VIDEO: Massive Barge for “Harmonious” Now Staged in World Showcase Lagoon; New Signage Added at EPCOT”

  1. This is a tad negative but the thing about Harmonious.., its not going to make Disney a dime so I am surprised this happened. people already stay as late as you can at EPCOT for the festivals. This money would have been better spent on completing other ideas you had for the EPCOT overhaul like the track replacement at Spaceship Earth, a serious change to the Figment ride or new attractions in the world showcase. I personally use the fireworks show to walk out of the park lol. Fireworks are not a very safe idea to bring back anyhow with the crowds it creates. Sadly, the mass exodus subsequent to the fireworks show is what keeps me from sticking around to begin with.

  2. I’m completely bummed to have lost Illuminations but what makes it so much worse is now we’re going to have an obstructed view of the World Showcase bc they had to plant these permanent eye sores in the middle of the lagoon? They couldn’t figure out a way to do what they did with the globe and have it only come out at night? Hopefully the fountains will be beautiful and no one will even notice. But one of the best parts about Illuminations was the original score but of course just like Disney has been doing lately, there will be nothing original about this music. I hate losing everything that was original and it’s happening too much lately. Not to mention everyone seems to be relying on lasers and projections to save costs on fireworks…I want the fireworks!! Don’t be cheap, give me the fireworks!! Really really hoping we get lots of fireworks and a big ole finale with them just as we should as a nighttime “spectacular”.

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