PHOTOS: Say “Hallo!” to a New Germany Pavilion Throw Pillow at EPCOT

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The new merchandise from EPCOT’s Germany Pavilion has come at a fast and furious pace, and we’ve loved every minute of it! Now, you can brush up on your German with a cute new throw pillow.


The front features Mickey Mouse in lederhosen, while Minnie wears a traditional German dress, both clad in red, yellow and light brown. Above a crest featuring a stylized version of the German coat of arms, you can find the phrase “Hallo!” which of course means “hello.”


The back has a lovely blue background dotted with iconography from around the pavilion, along with some German phrases. There’s “Deutschland,” which means Germany, “guten abend,” meaning “good evening,” “guten nacht,” which means “good night,” “danke,” which means “thank you,” and “bitte,” which is German for “you’re welcome.” There’s also “Prost!,” and if you’re familiar with the EPCOT International Festival of the Holidays, you might know that that means “Cheers!” in German.


On the bottom, you can see “zum wohl,” another phrase meaning “cheers,” above a pretzel and the phrase “guten appetit,” the German equivalent of “bon appetit,” or “enjoy your meal.” It’s a neat gift for the Germanophile in your life (or at least someone who can spell “keister” correctly).

The throw pillow retails for $34.99. We found it at the shop inside World ShowPlace, but we expect it should be at the actual Germany Pavilion very soon.

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9 months ago

There is actually a typo on this pillow, as it is not “Guten Nacht” but “Gute Nacht” so this would be a poor gift for anyone familiar with the German language.

9 months ago

Guten Nacht is incorrect; Gute Nacht is correct