REVIEW: 3D Disneyland Marks the Most Unique Disney Book This Holiday Season

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Disney fans love a book that adds extra depth to their understanding of the theme parks, but rarely does the book contain literal depth.

“3D Disneyland” by David A. Bossert provides one of the most unique looks at a Disney park ever printed thanks to the stereoscopic (3D) photography of Ted Kierscey, who captured the California park with his Kodak Stereo Anaston 35mm camera.

Think of these photos as similar to slides in a viewfinder – two photos taken at the same time, but offset a bit from each other just like our eyes. When combined and viewed through a pair of 3D glasses (kindly provided in the book), the mix of photos, shot from 1955 to 1958 and others created during Disneyland’s 25th in 1980, act like a visual time capsule with a bygone Disney jumping right out of the page!

It’s clear from the start that this book was created with love, as both Bossert and Kierscey were working at Disney Animation Studios when Kierscey revealed his collection. Bossert, seeing a unique experience, pitched the book to Kierscey and soon, with the help of others, started the process of upgrading each photo to 3000 dpi for our viewing pleasure.


From the TWA rocket all the way to Toontown, “3D Disneyland” is easily the most unique Disney books to give someone this holiday season and certainly one that will entertain you for years to come.

Grab your own copy now at Amazon or directly from The Old Mill Press.

(Note: Review copy of book provided by The Old Mill Press)

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Jonathan Gerbracht
Jonathan Gerbracht
11 months ago

65 dollars! Way too much