SHOP: New Hasbro Force FX Elite “The Mandalorian” Darksaber Now Available for Pre-Order

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SHOP: New Hasbro Force FX Elite “The Mandalorian” Darksaber Now Available for Pre-Order

The Darksaber, as seen in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Star Wars Rebels, and The Mandalorian, is the latest in Hasbro’s Force FX Elite series of lightsabers.


According to Star Wars lore, the flat-bladed Darksaber was crafted by the first Mandalorian Jedi, Tarre Vizsla.

Chris Reiff, a product designer at Hasbro, spoke about crafting this unique saber with “We’ve had a lot of experience at refining and enhancing the performance of the traditional blades, so we are excited at how well this saber compliments the rest of the line,” said Reiff. “Everything about it is unique amongst sabers, and puzzling our way through new tech and new solutions to deliver an amazing product like this is a passion everyone on the team here shares.”


The black saber glows white on the edges thanks to LED lights.

“The unique form factor of the Darksaber blade did present some challenges in how to construct it and in how to maximize the edge lighting, as well as the LED type and placement unique to this saber,” Reiff said. “It was a fun process as we researched a number of construction methods and internal geometries for the blade in order to accomplish the design.”


It’s also the first Force FX Elite saber to include a rechargeable battery.


The blade is detachable, so the hilt can be displayed or used on its own.


“The feel and weight of the metal hilts is an important part of bringing as much authenticity to the wielder’s experience as possible,” Reiff said about the heavy hilt. “We want these high-end products to really help immerse the fans in the experience of carrying and wielding these iconic Star Wars pieces.”


Hasbro looked at both the live-action and animated appearances of the Darksaber to make it look perfect.

“Since we haven’t seen it used to its full extent in The Mandalorian,” Reiff said, “looking to those past appearances allowed us to study other aspects of the saber, including the way it sounds and reacts differently than traditional sabers, so we could bring a full and accurate experience to this version.”

The Darksaber is now available for pre-order and will arrive in summer of 2021. It is quickly selling out, but is currently still available from Best Buy and GameStop. Will you be purchasing this collectible? Let us know in the comments.


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