UPDATE: Disney XD Issues Statement Confirming “DuckTales” Series Cancellation After Season 3


UPDATE: Disney XD Issues Statement Confirming “DuckTales” Series Cancellation After Season 3


UPDATE: Disney XD Issues Statement Confirming “DuckTales” Series Cancellation After Season 3

The adventures of Clan McDuck will indeed be coming to an end with the close of the 3rd season of the “DuckTales” reboot.


In a statement shared with Variety, a Disney XD spokesperson stated the following:

“The creative team, led by Matt Youngberg and Francisco Angones, have delivered exceptional storytelling with uniquely reimagined characters for three seasons of 75 episodes and more than 15 shorts. While physical production has wrapped, ‘DuckTales’ continues to be available on Disney Channels and Disney+ around the world and fans will get an epic season finale in 2021”.


Though some will undoubtedly be sad to see the “DuckTales” reboot come to an end, Duck fans everywhere can still look forward to the upcoming “Darkwing Duck” reboot in the works for Disney+.


The impact of the show’s cancellation on the future of the Disney’s DuckTales World Showcase Adventure Game at EPCOT still remains unclear. Stay tuned to WDWNT for updates on the future of the planned replacement for Phineas and Ferb Agent P’s World Showcase.

Were you a fan of the “DuckTales” reboot, or did you prefer the original? Should Disney still use the “DuckTales” franchise for their World Showcase Game at EPCOT? Would you rather see something different? Let us know down in the comments!

14 thoughts on “UPDATE: Disney XD Issues Statement Confirming “DuckTales” Series Cancellation After Season 3”

  1. It’s going to be so sad to see DuckTales end I love that show. It’s the only thing keeping me sane during 2020

  2. Dang, super sad to see this show go, I was hoping we’d get to see more of the Disney Afternoon cast be featured to the current audience. It’s a shame in my opinion that most of these modern reboots aren’t getting the attention they deserve, or at least I feel they do.

  3. I love this reboot so much because I grew up on the original series as a kid. I’m 40 years old & still love the series.

  4. Absolutely love that show! VERY disappointed at this news. Wonderdul stories and writing. Everything seems to be going thebwrongbdirection at Disney. At least the stock price isbrebounding

  5. This is sad. The original was way better, but this brought in some classical elements to the over-flooded bizarro-animation that is rampant today:at least DuckTales had a story to follow.

  6. What in the world? Was it not doing well or something? The show itself was a top notch production that even some of my adult friends were watching.

  7. Loved the series. Watched the original in my teens and was skeptical about what treatment my beloved original series would get. I was warmly surprised. A great series and really sad to see it come to an end. Bravo to the team behind this wonderful series.

  8. I am so sick of Disney doing this crap! I am so sick of DIS drawing us in for fan favorites only to leave us hanging shortly thereafter. The same crap happened with Star Vs. The Forces of the Universe and Gravity Falls to name a few. The list is HUGE! I am about to just give up on Disney animation altogether. Their programming and development department is becoming garbage. No wonder Netflix is taking their top talent so easily.

  9. I have seen the original and the remake and both were great. The remake went with a different angle with Della Duck. Even the recent Christmas episode was great story. The problem was the inconsistent release of the series but that not the fault of the story but of Disney. Why are they cancelling a great show for some crappy show to replace it.

  10. I really like this show and don’t want it go. The kids and I make special couch time to watch this together. It is a really great show and it will be missed.

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