BREAKING: Disney CEO Bob Chapek Issues Statement on Incident at U.S. Capitol

Jessica Figueroa


BREAKING: Disney CEO Bob Chapek Issues Statement on Incident at U.S. Capitol

In light of recent events that took place at the U.S. Capitol yesterday, Bob Chapek, CEO of The Walt Disney Company, has issued a statement via the company’s Twitter account:


In the statement, Chapek condemned the acts transpired in the raid at the U.S. Capitol, insisting that the nation come together in support of democracy:

What we saw was an egregious an inexcusable assault on America’s most revered institution and our democracy. Thankfully, the democratic process that we hold dear ultimately prevailed. Now, more than ever, it is imperative that we come together as one nation — united by our shared values, including decency, kindness, and respect for others.

The last time the company came forward and issued a statement on social issues was over the summer, when protests sprung up throughout the country due to ongoing racial disparity.

It’s expected that the Hall of Presidents attraction inside the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World will eventually receive an update to include an audio-animatronic of president-elect Joe Biden. This would be the first time in decades that Disney has added in a new animatronic after less than 4 years. Disney has yet to issue a statement on the attraction update.

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  1. Why did Disney contribute $10+ million to Trump’s 2020 campaign? Why hasn’t Gina been fired? Why was Mulan filmed in controversial China regions that detained at least 1 million people in interment camps? Why was Disney complicit with China in HK? Why hasn’t Disney shut down Hall of Presidents OR permanently remove Trump? (Most people never want to see the seditious spreader of hate there, even if moved to the back.) Why hasn’t Bob Chapek resigned or been fired for all of this?

    • Steve, I agree with most of your points, but what the does Trump have to do with anything? Remember that he is anti CCP, while Disney is in bed with them. Looks like you’re just looking for a way to blame Trump.

  2. I find it fascinating how many people didn’t make a peep during all of the rioting, looting, and lives lost during 2020 but they all seem compelled to make some statement now. So typical of the noble and brave.

  3. What I also saw yesterday is a rip off by your company, while selling tickets for a full park visit, that is only working at 60%, shame on you dude. You call yourself a CEO and didn’t even know what’s going on your own company 😂

  4. Hey Bob, where was your statement after Seattle and Portland demonstrations a few months ago? Oh thats right those incidents were justifiable because people were expressing their frustrations, right? If you didn’t stand up and oppose those incidents, then sit down and shut up after this one!

  5. It is hilarious that this dude is so out of touch with reality that he thinks congress is “America’s most revered institution”

    What a muppet, no wonder Disney is going downhill under his “leadership”

  6. I haven’t been to WDW in over 13 years. I’m assuming there is already a dummy of 45? That one needs to be decommissioned.

  7. The ironic part of this is that Disney parks have far less security these days since laying so many people off…..Blob Hatcheck is just pandering to appear woke in order to protect those assets.

  8. While Disney is located in the US, this is the kind of thing I’d rather Disney not acknowledge.

  9. that is our house those are our employees hired by us thr people. the elite can stand back as we show we still are the bosses and those elected work for us

  10. I hold stock in the Disney company. I did NOT pay this CEO Employee to make political comments, especially one sided ones that willfully and biasedly ignore the been and blasphemy election theft that took place on November 3rd, which was a fare worse sedition than anything that took place last Wednesday.

  11. I hold stock in the Disney company, and I do not pay this CEO EMPLOYEE to use his office to make political comments, especially one sided comments that willfully and biasedly ignore the sedition that took place on November 3rd – the brazen election theft – that was far far worse than anything that took place this week. Those comments of his are pure hypocrisy.

  12. Oh please, disney is one of the least patriotic companies to ever exist in this country. The founder, Walt Disney, was a pro-nazi advocate until the US entered the war, the company perpetuates black stereotypes, they have multiple subliminal sexually oriented art in their movies, they lobbied and won to destroy copyright laws in order to better themselves. There is plenty more. Fun place to visit but Bob Chapek sounds like an actual moron right now.

  13. Thank you Bob, for the statement I agree we should respect the democracy and be united, I also believe the people that instigated the violence and destruction should be held accountable.

  14. Does he have a public opinion about Disneyland still being closed? Yet, he has something to say about this? Weird times

  15. Why did he feel so compelled to tie the Disney name to the event. Only an amateur in media relations would do such a thing. Didn’t see the CEO’s from P&G, GM, Ford or thousands of other major corporations put their companies name in jeopardy did you. All of those same companies even cancelled their advertising within news broadcasts so they could further distance themselves from the story. Walt and Roy are spinning in their grave !!!

  16. Bob Chapek… Who cares what you think! Focus on Disney World and stop giving your opinion!
    Most people are sick of Politics invading every aspect of our lives, including Disney! I vehemently condemn what happened at our Nations Capital. However, as a Disney Annual Passholder for 25+ years, just focus on your own job and the problems at Disney World!!! 😤

    • Not like Disney World is based in the United States and the neglect of the current administration has led to them closing for several months, losing profits and having to lay off thousands of employees during a global pandemic. Then the same administration tries to have their followers overthrow our government… yeah focus on Disney World Bob!!

  17. Hey, Disney…how about you stay out of politics?!?! Nobody cares to hear your thoughts on democracy. That’s what talk radio is for. Just focus on entertaining us – that is literally YOUR job! Stop trying to appear woke when in reality all you care about is getting close to bureaucrats in government. Sickening.

  18. there is absolutely no reason for Disney or Bob to weigh in on this, they need to stay out of it. given they have the only open U.S. theme park in Florida, they may want to watch what they say

  19. Seems pointless. Brown nosing for consumer $. Just focus on running DIS and getting your people back to work. Of course, in the long run he doesn’t really care about the employees so long as DIS increases shareholder returns. That’s likely his mentality, so does this fake sentiment statement really make you feel better about it?

  20. Although I expressly condemn the actions that took place at the capitol, I can’t stress enough the fact that this country is a constitutional republic and not a “democracy”. People seem to be confused about that.

  21. I find it amusing, as well as extremely hypocritical, that there are now calls for everyone to ‘come together’ in unity. Where was all this peace and understanding for the last four years? Whatever your personal political beliefs may be, you must realize by now that the powers to be care not one iota for you. It’s all about money and power. They all want more, and they will crush anyone who stands up against them.

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