California Grill Adds and Updates Menu Items at Disney’s Contemporary Resort

The California Grill at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, which reopened in July, has added several new allergy-friendly items to their menu. They have also updated their oak-fired filet of beef dish.

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Allergy-Friendly Menu

The allergy-friendly menu has the following new or returning items.

  • Poached Shrimp Roll with Nori, Jicama and Mango (For Gluten/Wheat, Egg, Fish, and Soy Allergies) – $27
  • Truffle Selezione Pasta with Baby Carrots, Green Beans, Forest Mushrooms and Truffle Tofu Cream (For Egg, Fish/Shellfish, Milk, and Peanut/Tree Nut Allergies) – $37
  • Cashew Cheesecake: Coffee-Cashew Cheesecake coated in Chocolate Glaze (For Gluten/Wheat, Egg, Fish/Shellfish, Milk, Peanut, and Soy Allergies) – $14

Allergy-Friendly Kids’ Appetizers

Two allergy-friendly appetizers were added to the kids’ menu.

  • Chicken Noodle Soup: House-made Chicken Broth, Macaroni, and Vegetables (For Egg, Fish/Shellfish, Milk, Peanut/Tree Nut, and Soy Allergies) – $6
  • Hearts of Romaine: Avocado-Ranch Dressing, Tomatoes, Bacon and Croutons (For Fish/Shellfish, Peanut/Tree Nut, and Soy Allergies) – $6

Oak-Fired Filet of Beef – $59

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The oak-fired filet of beef was previously served with oxtail marmalade, red wine sweet onion juice, and aged gouda mac and cheese, and Brussels sprouts. It is now served with grilled Brentwood corn, Calabrian chili butter, creamy barley, and sweet onion demi sauce. The price remains the same.

Will you be visiting the California Grill on your next Walt Disney World trip? Let us know in the comments.

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Michael Cozzolino
Michael Cozzolino
10 months ago

I’ll be visiting on my golf trip 1/30 -2/5.Hopefully the 2nd or 3rd. Love the filet or pork dish