PHOTOS: Cinderella Castle and Flags Removed From Osceola Parkway Entrance Sign For 50th Anniversary Makeover at Walt Disney World

Work on the Osceola Parkway entrance sign to Walt Disney World is moving quickly, with one section of the sign already being painted and primed within a few hours of our first update.


Today, most of the right half of the entrance has been painted or primed.


Half of Minnie’s background is now royal blue, while the other half has been primed with gray.


The columns surrounding Minnie have been painted new shades of gray and the tops have been painted gold.


Half of the archway has been primed with gray. The flags, Castle on clouds, and “Where Dreams Come True” banner have all been removed.


Minnie is wrapped in plastic to keep her protected from paint. We expect her background to be done within a few days, and possibly the entire entrance within a couple weeks.


The Western Way and Hotel Plaza Boulevard entrances have both already been completely reimagined. How do you feel about their new looks? Let us know in the comments.