PHOTOS: Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort Roof Uncovered as Construction Moves On

Refurbishment is plugging away at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort as it undergoes a transformation to receive a ‘Moana’ overlay theme. Work has been taking place all over the hotel, from the Monorail station being dismantled, to work preparations being made for the Lava Pool, to the rooms being filled with the first of their new furnishings. But most noticeably, the Great Ceremonial Hall has been receiving work all over the top and inside of the structure as the roof crossbeams were pulled down and then reinstalled for the new update. Construction has reached a milestone today as the tarps that were protecting the glass roof below the roof crossbeams has been removed, allowing the skylight to once again show the sky.


The skylight above the lobby provides light for guests during the day and a view of the stars at night. Up until recently, they have provided only a view of dark tarps. The glass roof sits above the lobby’s centerpiece statue of Maui, which has become the icon of the resort. He can be seen featured on much of the Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort themed merchandise and apparel available at the resort, as a mascot of sorts.


The streamlined design of the newly-installed roof crossbeam structure can be seen through the skylight.


Hanging glass lanterns in webbed ropes make up the chandelier of the lobby. The oranges, greens and soft blues of the lanterns are complemented well with the vivid blue skies behind, as was surely intended by the designers.


The tarps, though necessary for protection of the glass, did a disservice to the aesthetic of the lobby. Their removal is a welcome development amidst the refurbishment process.

Will you head over to Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort to see the sky shining through once more? Let us know in the comments below.