PHOTOS, VIDEO: Donald Animatronic and Sombrero “Memorial” Completely Removed From Gran Fiesta Tour Following Malfunction at EPCOT

The Donald Duck audio-animatronic is completely gone from Gran Fiesta Tour at EPCOT, and now his sombrero shrine has been removed too.


The animatronic was removed about a week ago following a malfunction.


For several days, a sombrero memorial was in Donald’s place, but it’s now gone.


A pot with some pink flowers remain to the side of the stage.


This comes five months after the Jose Carioca animatronic was removed for over a week due to a similar malfunction.

Watch our YouTube video of Donald and the memorial missing from Gran Fiesta Tour below:

Of course, this unforeseen situation does negate the ending of the attraction, where Donald is reunited with his friends for a grand finale. The Audio-Animatronics actually come from the Mickey Mouse Revue, which was an opening day attraction at the Magic Kingdom before closing in 1980 to make the move to Tokyo Disneyland, where it ran from 1983 to 2009. In August 2015, the trio returned to Walt Disney World to enhance the ride.

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james pierce
james pierce
8 months ago

I hope Donald hasn’t been destroyed for parts or thrown away :(