PHOTOS: Paul Bunyan and Bambi Art Visible in New Refurbished Rooms at Disney’s Wilderness Lodge

Disney’s Wilderness Lodge will not be reopening to regular guests until June 6, when newly-refurbished rooms will be available. We got to take a look at a remodeled test room back in 2019 and now we have a sneak peek of what the final room design looks like.


Some of the rooms were visible through their windows when we visited the resort, and it looks like they are mostly at the stage of furniture placement.


Here we can see part of a furniture unit and artwork waiting to be hung on the wall.


Through this window we can see a headboard against a colorful wall with an Arts and Crafts Movement style.


The headboard is the same one we saw in 2019 and we’re happy to see designs on the wall that might save the room from looking too sterile.

Here is what the test bedroom we stayed in looked like.


The tall headboards have reading lights built into the sides.


We also saw inside a few double bedrooms with headboards against a forest wall.


Mattresses wrapped in plastic have already been moved in.


It looks like this living room is near completion.


There’s lit counter space, most likely for the coffee maker and other kitchenette items. A large dresser sits beneath the smart TV. There’s Bambi art in this space, as you can see in our older photo below.


In the window to the left, we can see sinks awaiting installation.


In the center is the room’s safe also waiting to be installed.


We saw a few of these mirrors in bedrooms and living rooms.


And the Paul Bunyan artwork from our 2019 stay has remained.


Here’s another look at it:

Watch our video tour of the 2019 test room below.

How do you feel about the new design for Disney’s Wilderness Lodge rooms? Let us know in the comments.

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Tom T
Tom T
2 months ago

The rooms are designed for adults with no focus on anything whimsical. Whoever is designing all the rooms everywhere is making a case to stay off property with rooms that are heavily themed. The most sterile and boring place on earth.