PHOTOS: Final Touches Being Installed for Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure and France Pavilion Expansion at EPCOT

The construction walls are down and planters are up at the entrance to the France Pavilion expansion at EPCOT, but there are still a few more things left to do before the grand opening of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure. Our latest ride on the Disney Skyliner showed us that people are working hard on getting this new attraction ready for guests.


As we took off, we could see someone working on the facade above La Crêperie de Paris.


To the right of the doors, a small queue has been set up, helping to manage crowds looking to get their first taste of crepes from this new counter-service location.


The merchandise kiosk looks mostly done, only awaiting the goodies fans will be snatching up on opening day.


In front of the canopy, we can see that nearly all of the equipment has been moved. But as we’ll see, it hasn’t gone far.


Near the entrance of Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, we can see crews hard at work cleaning up the area.


Another big step before the attraction opens will be the installation of social distancing markers, an unfortunate necessity brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.


At least from the outdoor portions of the queue, those decals have yet to be added.


From the equipment we saw, it seems that the building and streets will be power washed to remove the last of the debris from construction.


Heading back, we can see that most construction equipment has also been removed from the new restrooms. (We also get a cute cameo from a Friendship Boat! Odds are, they’ll soon be packed with guests eager to check out the new addition.)


Workers were huddled together at one point. Might they be going over assignments… or talking about what crepes they want to try?


There seems to be a little more work being done on the walkway leading to the expansion, as well as on the landscaping just outside of it.


And finally, we close our latest tour with the arch that guests will walk under to get to this enchanting new expansion.

Keep reading WDWNT as we prepare for the opening of the France Pavilion expansion and Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure at EPCOT!

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8 months ago

Also note that all of the bowl-shaped planters on top of the walls and in front of the bathrooms have now been planted in with flowers; they have been empty until today – usually one of the “final touches” before an attraction area opens.

8 months ago

Seems to me that they may be planning to use the area at the end of the walkway coming from the courtyard on side of the restrooms as a potential friendship boat dock. Note how the area along the water appears to be setup as a dock and that walkway is very official looking as well as leading from an otherwise empty courtyard that does not appear to serve any other purpose (no tables, benches, etc.).

Tom Corless
8 months ago
Reply to  Leo

It does appear that way.