PHOTOS: NEW “Alice in Wonderland” Tea Cup Mug and Folding Fan Available in Downtown Disney District

You can host your own mad tea party with this new Alice in Wonderland mug and folding fan now available at Disneyland Resort.

Tea Cup Mug – $19.99


This may look like a stack of three Alice in Wonderland tea cups, but it’s actually just one mug.


The mug’s handle matches the purple tea cup on top, while a yellow tea cup is in the center, and a blue tea cup with matching saucer on the bottom.


The Mad Hatter and March Hare are on the inside of the mug.


“Spill it” Folding Fan – $9.99


This is just the latest of many folding fans that began to debut at the parks last year.


“Spill it” is printed on one end, while the Mad Hatter is sitting in a tea cup on the other end.


The spokes of the fan are a teal green.


We found both of these inside World of Disney at Downtown Disney District.

Will you be picking up these souvenirs on your next Disneyland Resort trip? Let us know in the comments.

1 thought on “PHOTOS: NEW “Alice in Wonderland” Tea Cup Mug and Folding Fan Available in Downtown Disney District”

  1. Howdy…..and a ‘Very Merry Un-[🎂]-Birthday’ to all of you wonderful ‘Disney Fans’!

    I think the ALICE IN WONDERLAND ‘teacup’ mug & fan ‘combo’ is swell!

    I would [💘] LOVE to purchase the ‘combo’ for every ‘girl & [👩] woman’ in ‘MY LIFE’…..mother…..grandmothers…..
    wives…..’one night stands’…..etc. (…..Hmm…..maybe I should give that some ‘more thought’…..).

    In any case, I think this ALICE IN WONDERLAND ‘combo’ is terrific!!!
    A very nice alternative to ‘flowers & [🍬] candy’.

    Any ‘possibility’ that the WALT DISNEY COMPANY might be considering a ‘theatrical re-release’ of ALICE IN WONDERLAND presented in ‘IMAX-3D’?

    That would be an outstanding ‘venue-opportunity’ to also offer ‘Disney Fans’ the ‘delights’ of this ‘mug & fan’ combo.

    “All in the golden June….”

    William Paul Johnson, Jr.

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