PHOTOS: New Caramel Blondie is Delicious, But Forgettable at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

It’s often been said that blondes have more fun, but does that also apply to desserts? We thought we’d test that theory with a new caramel blondie Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa.


The first thing we noticed was that this was a very generous portion, both in the size of the cut and the depth of the piece. It’s your basic blondie, topped with a drizzle of sweet icing and powdered sugar.


Our first impression was just how plain it looked. Usually at Walt Disney World, we go for desserts that are really eye-catching or have a unique flavor, like a pineapple cupcake, but this really looks like it could’ve been made anywhere.


As we tasted it, we found that it was much more cake-like than we were expecting. It seemed more like a caramel spice cake than a brownie-like blondie, but it was delicious.


The icing on the top was sweet and added a creaminess to the drier texture of the rest of the bite. Given the name of the pastry, you might think that it was caramel, but we couldn’t tell from eating it.


The powdered sugar on top was a beautiful visual touch but also probably contributed to it being a little dry. It didn’t have a very strong caramel flavor. This was more of a subtle, sweet, slow burn of caramel flavor overall.


In summary, this was a tasty dessert, but without any special visual or taste element, we found this dessert delicious but sadly forgettable. It’s a good value for the money, and we were glad we got it and happily ate the whole piece, but we probably won’t get it again. So this blond is pleasant, but we wouldn’t call it fun.

The blondie sells for $4.49 at The Artist’s Palette.

Are you a blondie fan? Let us know in the comments!

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Sam Beckett
Sam Beckett
1 month ago

I’m thinking it looks a bit dry, is this true? If so, I won’t be ordering it.