PHOTOS: Enormous New Area Rug Added to Disney’s Yacht Club Resort Lobby

We’ve been keeping up with the Yacht Club Resort lobby refurbishment, and thought it was complete until this enormous rug made its grand entrance.


The giant area rug is a copy of the smaller area rugs that are placed under the seating areas set up around the lobby. These smaller rugs were added only a few days prior.


The rug is a mixture of light and dark blues, with the lightest colors forming a large hidden Mickey!


The rug is placed in the central area of the lobby, where the Christmas tree once stood. Perhaps the tree kept the larger rug from being installed at the same time as the smaller versions. It’s all in there now!

We believe this addition to the lobby marks the completion of the Yacht Club Resort refurbishment. What do you think of the new rugs? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Not a fan of the new lobby refurbishment at all. Been able to watch the process very closely as its continued to change and morph into its completion. I wish they would really change the color inside Ale & compass lounge, it’s such a small space it makes it feel smaller. I know that they’re try to go with a hurricane theme from one of the cast members told me. I just thought they could do a little bit better. But it doesn’t change how I feel. Yacht and Beach club are always my favorite resorts.

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