PHOTOS: New Area Rugs Complete Disney’s Yacht Club Resort Lobby Refurbishment

It is often said that a rug ties a room together. The new rugs in Disney’s Yacht Club Resort lobby do just that, and are the last part of the lobby refurbishment. The patterns and colors evoke the sea while clearly defining lobby seating areas.


One seating area is located near the Ale & Compass Restaurant. The new furniture arrived in October, placed atop the previous rugs.


The various blue shades and “foam” patterns pay tribute to the sea.


A second seating area is located near the front desk.


From the second floor, we see the lobby’s signature globe. The globe had previously been located in the center of the lobby, directly inside the entrance doors.


The globe sits atop a new rug as well.


The center section of the lobby just inside the entrance does not have carpeting.

What do you think of the new lobby area rugs at Disney’s Yacht Club Resort? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. But where’s the creepy monkey lamp?? (sigh). We’d stop by every trip to say hello. Goodbye creepy monkey! You’ll be missed but not forgotten!

  2. Looks like significantly less seating than before which is sad. Yacht Club has a beautiful lobby and it’s great for simply people watching. There are often tons of business people from the conventions crowding in the lobby so I kind of get why they left the center completely open, but still looks like it’s missing something.

  3. Terrible. I sat on that couch a couple of days ago and may not be able to have kids now. I guess the rugs are appropriately tacky to match the furniture.

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