PHOTOS, VIDEO: Robo-Carts Arrive at Walt Disney World Golf Courses

Walt Disney World has introduced a new innovation to its golf courses: Robo-Carts. These robotic carts carry your golf clubs for you while following you around the course, making it perfect for anyone who wants to go golfing but doesn’t want to carry their golf bag.


The carts follow you thanks to a GPS transmitter that can be clipped to your belt. If you stop walking, the Robo-Cart stops rolling. It has a maximum speed of 7 mph, and according to Disney Parks Blog, there have been no incidents so far with the Robo-Carts falling off bridges or into lakes. They do recommend being careful in those more precarious areas though.


The carts are also equipped with helpful amenities including a small cooler, cup holder, sand bottle, and USB charging port. There’s also a color GPS screen on the front of each Robo-Cart that gives the same standard yardage information available on full-size riding golf carts.

Watch a video of the Robo-Carts in action below.

The Robo-Carts are designed by Club Car and rent for only an additional $10 to green fees. They are currently available on the 9-hole Oak Trail course and 18-hole Palm and Magnolia courses.

Guests who book their weekend morning golf session at least six days in advance can also get a 10% discount on their green fees as part of a new “Early Bird” program. This program is for tee times on Saturday or Sunday before 11:30 AM.

You can read more information on the Disney Golf website. And whether you’re a golfer or not, make sure to watch our first annual Christmas Classic mini golf tournament at Winter Summerland.

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  1. Although you mentioned if you to walking, they stop rolling, I’m wondering what happens when you walk either on the putting green or into a sand hazard (which both can be quite large). Would you need to flip a switch on the remote to stop them? And what happens iif you forget and the cart follows you into the sand? They’re a great idea, especially because they have an on-board cooler, etc. and I guess during these times you can keep a distance from other players vs. riding two people in a cart.

    1. The article mentions they have a GPS and can display distance to hole. Based on this, I suspect they have maps loaded onboard for the courses and are likely programmed with do-not-drive areas (like water, sand, and greens).

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