PHOTOS: New Windows Installed In Mouse Gear at EPCOT

While we continue to shop in EPCOT’s temporary Mouse Gear, the store’s permanent location is under construction. Disney has hit a major milestone in the store’s refurbishment as new windows have been installed.


For now, windows are only on one section of the building. Since the building is so open right now, we can see the windows from both sides.


They almost completely cover the front of Mouse Gear. There is a blue X on each pane, but these will be removed when construction is complete.


There are some gaps remaining between windows but steel beams are in place for future installation.


These new windows are a major part of Mouse Gear’s refurbishment and they’re meant to make the store feel more open.

Concept art released at D23 2019 shows how the windows will let in more light.


Of course, Mouse Gear is not the only section of this building being refurbished. Innoventions East and Electric Umbrella have been gutted to make way for a Starbucks and new quick-service restaurant.


Across from Mouse Gear, Innoventions West continues to be demolished. It has mostly been stripped down to its framework.

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  1. I am imagining that once the windows go in they’re going to black them out. This may be one of the last updates to interior work.

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