PHOTOS, VIDEO: Plexiglass Dividers Installed on All “Frozen Ever After” Boats at EPCOT

In early November, plexiglass row dividers were installed on some Frozen Ever After boats. Now every boat in the Frozen fleet has been fitted with row dividers. Dividers increase ride capacity; the attraction often has one of the longest waits at EPCOT.


The dividers are fitted to a frame that has been installed between each row.


Each Frozen Ever After boat is now being loaded to max capacity, with dividers also installed at the loading dock.


The plexiglass supports block the view of Elsa.

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Three supports are clearly visible from the back row.


You can check out our Frozen Ever After POV from behind the plexiglass below.

What do you think of the view from behind the plexiglass? You can tell us what you think in the comments.

  1. I feel two different ways about it. It’s a hard time for everyone and they are doing their best to keep us safe. I also feel that if my experience is altered my ticket should be a little less. I know it isn’t their fault were all fighting COVID but I think a small discount would be appreciated.

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