REVIEW: Mac & Cheese Fritters Tarnish Our Taste Buds at the Mac & Cheese Truck at Disney Springs

Stopping by Disney Springs’ many Exposition Park food trucks is often an excellent choice, with choices rolling in and out, including some that you just can’t miss! Unfortunately, our visit to the Mac & Cheese food truck made us never want to return to Exposition Park after trying their Mac & Cheese Fritters.


Available at the Mac & Cheese truck (currently masquerading as the ESPN Wide World of Sports food truck), the fritters are available alongside the many other mac & cheese varieties. We tried all of these when the truck first came to Disney Springs in 2019 and enjoyed all of them quite a bit, which makes what we’re about to eat even more disappointing.

Mac & Cheese Fritters – $6.00


The fritters come in a set of 3 for $6.00 and are lightly dusted with parmesan cheese and what appears to be parsley. They’re essentially designed to be mac & cheese bites.


The insides are of course filled with mac & cheese as well as a few hints of jalapeños.

But the big question is how do they taste? Well, you would think that fried mac & cheese bites would be pretty difficult to mess up. Unfortunately, Disney Springs has beaten the odds and delivered a bland trio of cheesy triangles, apparently fried in two week old oil. While the fritters do have tiny pieces of jalapeno inside and a dusting of parmesan on top in an attempt to give them some character, the flavorless cheese stuffing and breading are sadly about all you’ll taste. If your heart is set on mac & cheese bites then by all means order these, but if you’re hoping for a different or well-executed take on this standard appetizer, look elsewhere. 

If you want to give these a try, the Mac & Cheese Fritters are available at the Mac & Cheese Food Truck in Disney Springs’ Exposition Park for $6.00. But beware, you might need a real bowl of mac & cheese to wash these disasters down with.

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Mr Fancy
Mr Fancy
8 months ago

Not for nothing, but deep fried macaroni and cheese sounds atrocious. Yuk.

Gillig von Driver
Gillig von Driver
8 months ago

Cheez Spencer,get off the fence and tell us how you REALLY feel.