REVIEW: New Mobile App Exclusive Cinnamon Coconut Doughnut from Voodoo Doughnut in CityWalk

Voodoo Doughnut at Universal Orlando is a frequent stop for us when visiting CityWalk. We typically check the menu on the app just to see what’s new, and today we spotted a brand new Mobile App Exclusive doughnut on the menu. We stopped into Voodoo Doughnut to check it out and were surprised to find there’s no signage and none on display in the case. This feels like a top-secret menu item, so we decided to give it a try.


After placing our order on the Universal Orlando app, we took a seat and waited for the app to tell us when we could pick up our doughnut from the stand. It didn’t take very long before we were on our way with our doughnut.


This yeast shell is topped by marbled vanilla icing and gold sprinkles. It comes filled with a cinnamon coconut whipped filling, so we were eager to find out what this flavor combination would taste like.


When we split the doughnut, we were a little disappointed by just how little filling there actually was. The cinnamon flavor was strong, with a bit of a kick to it. The coconut flavor didn’t really come through as much as we expected, but the whipped filling delighted us. It really gave us some Fall vibes with the strong cinnamon flavor. Unfortunately, the doughnut was dry and pretty average. Once the filling was gone, we were left with a pretty basic, dry shell with vanilla icing.


Perhaps the doughnut wasn’t very fresh because people aren’t aware of its existence and they sit around too long. Unless you use the Universal Orlando app, you probably wouldn’t even be aware it was on the menu. For $3.75, this was a disappointment, but had a lot of potential. We would have rather spent our money on the Charity Doughnut. Even though our experience wasn’t great, it is a fun idea to have a Mobile App Exclusive doughnut, so we hope to see more of these in the future. Will you be giving this doughnut a try on your next visit to the Universal Orlando Resort?