Gideon's Bakehouse Mask

PHOTOS: Gideon’s Bakehouse Masks Now Available in Disney Springs

A recent trip to Gideon’s Bakehouse has us eyeing some new merchandise available to purchase. After the grand opening drew an enormous crowd, it’s no surprise that they’re upping their merchandise game. Take at look at this Gideon’s mask!

Gideon’s Bakehouse Logo Mask – $10.00


The mask comes in a sanitary pouch when purchased.


The mask features the Gideon’s Bakehouse logo, with a large “G” surrounded by wings.


The hem and straps of the mask are black, and are not adjustable.


The interior lining of the mask is white.


These masks come in both medium and large sizes, both meant for adults. Unfortunately we weren’t able to get our hands on their other mask design, currently sold out. That design is made up of two hands and a cookie!

Do you like this new Gideon’s bakehouse mask? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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peter Mitros
peter Mitros
2 months ago

Face masks, Face Masks, FACE MASKS! WHEN will this all end???? Just my thoughts….