REVIEW: New Valentine’s Day Mickey Cake Pop Pops up at Disneyland Resort


Valentine's Day cake pop

REVIEW: New Valentine’s Day Mickey Cake Pop Pops up at Disneyland Resort

Love is in the air at Disneyland Resort as Valentine’s Day approaches. Recently we tried a few new Valentine’s Day crispy treats and a marshmallow wand. Now, there is a new cake pop for us to try!


Strawberry and Chocolate Mickey Cake Pop – $5.49


The Mickey shaped pop is covered completely in a strawberry-flavored pink white chocolate, with a red drizzle on top to create a cute design.


The bright pink and red really make this pop pop!


Enough with the outside, we’re ready to dig in!


Mickey’s head is a rich chocolatey cake, which looks delicious against the pink frosted coating.


Mickey’s ears are made of marshmallow!


This cake pop had a soft dense chocolate cake interior that we loved. The cake itself was very rich without being overly sweet. We enjoyed that the white chocolate frosting had the slightest strawberry flavor, and added a nice snap to the cake texture. The ears were full of marshmallow which added some extra sweetness. This is a great option for anyone looking for a Valentine’s treat at Disneyland Resort!

This cake pop is available at Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure. Be sure to check out some of the Valentine’s Day merchandise also available at the resort! Will you be grabbing one of these cake pops while they’re available? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.