Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Closing This Month

Shannen Ace

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Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Closing This Month

Shannen Ace

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Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Closing This Month

The popular Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom card game is closing at the end of this month, after almost eight years of operation at Walt Disney World.


Due to decreased demand for the game, it will be closing on Sunday, January 24. Guests can still battle the villains until then and will be able to pick up their daily card packs. The Main Street Firehouse will then close for refurbishment, though guests wishing to drop off a firehouse patch can still do so with Cast Members outside.

Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom debuted at the park on February 22, 2012. Guests could pick up card packs at the Main Street Firehouse or at a recruitment station in Liberty Square. The more you played, the more card packs you could collect, with some cards being rarer than others. Certain cards were only available in packs for purchase, but most were free. Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party and Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party also had special limited edition cards each year. Some guests have reported being able to pick up 2019’s Halloween Party card this month, so it’s likely they are trying to get rid of leftover card stock.

You can view some of the interactive portal elements in our YouTube videos below:

Guests who have collected and purchased cards can still play the at-home version of the game, though it won’t be the same without the scavenger hunt feeling of running through the Magic Kingdom.

Are you sad to see this card game go? Let us know in the comments.

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41 thoughts on “Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Closing This Month”

  1. My family is so sad to hear this. We loved playing this when we visited 2 years ago. We even closed out the park trying to finish a few of the stops.

  2. Very disappointed that the game is leaving. It is the only Disney activity that kept us engaged even when not at Disney with all the fun of trading and pursuing the cards at home with people all over the world. We enjoyed playing it and engaging with other fans at the park when we visited. It was also the only reason we attended the extra cost parties since we wanted the special cards that were released. Without the cards there will be nothing that makes me interested to pay 1k to go to those parties. Truly a big loss!

  3. I know I’m one of the few but I absolutely loved playing on those busy days. Hated the people taking advantage of kids trading but man, there were some great people met playing over the years.

  4. AH! That sucks! I sitting here with a stack of cards next to me. I was excited to play with my daughter in a few months.

  5. We have been playing and collecting the cards from the first day that they opened up to play ,we have came over and stayed on property just to play the Sorcerers game and trade the cards ( mostly with children that were trying to get a full set of trading cards I have gave some children almost a full set ,it was fun to see their faces) a very sad day that you are taking away something that brought so much joy to so many people and children

  6. This is heart breaking. This is a game my kids and i have shared since it started. It was one of the magic touches left in the kingdom.

  7. My 9yo is obsessed with this and is going to be heartbroken to hear he’ll not be able to play again. Many hours have been spent on our quests and trading cards. Really sad to see this go.

  8. Definitely sad to see this go. The cameras needed a bit of alignment to get them working correctly. The marketing was never good for this game.

  9. Super sad, this was a favorite for my kids… But predictable… A bunch of the portals weren’t working and they ever really added to it or expanded it. I hope they replace it with something similar. Always had hoped they would have done more like this in the other parks

  10. Super disappointed about this! It’s such a fun way to kill time in the parks while lines are long or while you are waiting to meet up with friends/family, etc. BIG mistake and Disney continues to just take away fun things. All they had to do was have CM’s hand out cards + show you how to play. It was such little time/resources on their part.

  11. Oh no! We loved playing it when we went in 2017 and looked forward to playing it with our son on our next trip. Another moment of magic being lost.

  12. This is my daughter’s favorite thing at Disney. She has ADHD and loved interacting with villains and trading the cards. It is magic to her. We are annual pass holders. We go to just play all day sometimes, and that’s all she wanted to do for her birthday this year.

  13. This really breaks my heart. My partner and I were planning to go to Disney for our Honeymoon and since he’s never been there, we were going to do this together. I’ve collected the cards the last few times I went, but I wish I could have gotten more of them, as well as the little board game (which I actually only recently learned about). 2021 is off to a great start… :(

  14. Disney doesn’t give enough warning when they close things. If they would announce it 6, even 3 mo in advance, people would be able to get back before it closes. This will be such a huge disappointment to my kids.

  15. So basically Disney just wants us to stand in lines. My daughter loves playing this game and we specifically allocate time in Magic Kingdom for her to play this and us run around the park. It is a nice break from standing in line(s). Very frustrated to hear this news, as it is only not in demand right now cause the park is rarely open at night, when the game really shines.

  16. This is the worst news yet for Disney fans. My whole family has played this game for years. Sometimes in favor of rides. It kept all of us engaged and was so much fun. Plus we invested a lot of money over the years for all 6 of us to have the full collection plus party cards. I am so sad and dread telling my family. How much can it really cost to keep this game alive for families. I pray they reconsider. When the parks are crowded this was a way to keep us happy especially the families that come every year. Plus not much warning for us to travel to play one more time. Another let down during this pandemic. I feel sick losing this part of the Magic Kingdom.

  17. This is so sad, it was a fun way to experience the park. Why do they keep taking all the special things away. Before we know it there will not be any more special experiences to feel the magic Disney World offers. So much is already gone. 😢

  18. This is sad news they said they saw a decrease in popularity. I know the people running it changed hands A while back. The new team running it does not have the Same enthusiasm or Knowledge of the game that we previously saw. I think we should contact Disney and let them know how important this game is to a lot of us. When I talk to one of the Managers on Main Street last winter he told me he had no plans of discontinuing the game and that it was so popular they planned on putting it on some of the cruise ships. It can’t hurt to try and save it.

  19. Back in the days of fast passes we would play while we waited for one to come up. It was a great way to pass the time. A truly unique and enjoyable experience. Very sad to see it go. I know I shared that game and Pirates Recruit as fun free things the park had to offer to many people over the years. Maybe they will bring it back but on the My Disney Experience app. Save some dough printing cards… I dunno. Just wish the game wasn’t leaving.

  20. My son will be devastated by this. The article mentions ending it because of how people now use mobile technology, but I loved it because no cell phones were needed. It was active and engaging. He loved collecting the cards and it got him talking to others playing the game.

  21. My husband and I are so sad! This has been on our bucket list forever, just never got around to doing it. I AM glad we got some notice tho, bc we will definitely be doing it when we drive down in a couple of weeks. Maybe we can still have some fun with it!

  22. My gang loves this game, I’m guessing they will no longer want to come back any more as they are teenagers. So sad.

  23. So sad to hear this! We just got back from Disney World and had a great time adventuring through the park. We didn’t finish our game…looks like we never will :(

  24. I’m really bummed about this. We played the heck out of this when my wife and I went to WDW for our honeymoon in 2014. It gave excellent structure to our days as the game took us to different lands and we split between playing the game and riding rides. And it hit all the right notes for fans of classic Disney. No Star Wars or Marvel, and little in the way of Pixar… Just you fighting the Disney Villains trying to take over Magic Kingdom. Wonderful, charming, interactive, fun… Guess I’ll just have to pack my cards away with my Virtual Magic Kingdom stuff.

  25. Why is this being closed. So sad to hear this. We discovered it by accident and loved doing it when the park was busy or later in the evening. It was magical and fun. For first time visitors to MK it was probably too much to do but a great activity for return visitors who didn’t feel the pressure to try and do everything.

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