Actress Gina Carano of The Mandalorian Fired By Lucasfilm After Controversial Social Media Posts

Jason Diffendal


Actress Gina Carano of The Mandalorian Fired By Lucasfilm After Controversial Social Media Posts

Jason Diffendal


Actress Gina Carano of The Mandalorian Fired By Lucasfilm After Controversial Social Media Posts

According to Deadline, actress Gina Carano, who played bounty hunter Cara Dune in the first two seasons of The Mandalorian, has been fired after several since-deleted social media posts.

In the wake of Gina Carano’s controversial social media posts, Lucasfilm has released a statement tonight, with a spokesperson saying “Gina Carano is not currently employed by Lucasfilm and there are no plans for her to be in the future. Nevertheless, her social media posts denigrating people based on their cultural and religious identities are abhorrent and unacceptable.”

A spinoff of The Mandalorian, titled “Rangers of the New Republic,” was announced by Lucasfilm in December. Carano’s character Cara Dune was expected to have a role in that show as well, although Lucasfilm has not yet announced a cast for the show.

Stay tuned to WDWNT as this story unfolds.

49 thoughts on “Actress Gina Carano of The Mandalorian Fired By Lucasfilm After Controversial Social Media Posts”

  1. Wow. Absolutely ridiculous. I hope Disney realizes they made a huge mistake but thanks for helping me come to a discussion. Cancelling my Disney+. Tired of these double standards.

      • I’m sure that Josh Gad’s disgusting tweets do not violate any Disney policy concerning social media posts.

      • I think it’s important that companies should give training sessions on what not to say on social media, and give extensive examples of such, so that people have no doubt what they shouldn’t say, and not make the mistake. And such training should be repeated. Or better yet, company who has social media policies should point blank put a social media gag order on all employees, that way they won’t be saying anything wrong to embarrass the company, ever, and the company doesn’t have to spend time and energy on this.

        • I can tell you from experience that some employees will just try to work around this and push things to the limit anyway. If your name is on your account, don’t post anything that can come back to haunt you. It’s social media, it’s not a safe haven for all your thoughts and feelings.

      • That may be true, especially for most ‘at-will’ jobs/employers (which most of us work for), but what I think is upsetting Disney fans for the constant double-standard in the company silencing views they don’t like (Carano) and promoting views they do (Gunn, Kaepernick).

    • Firing people for their political beliefs is perhaps wrong, but it’s the popular thing to do nowadays, so it’s prudent for people who doesn’t have the popular political belief of the moment to keep their mouth shut and thereby not lose their jobs. I mean, why lose your job over something you say? There is no such thing as freedom of speech. Every society persecutes the outsider with the dissenting opinion, and the smart thing to do is to say what is popular, even if it isn’t what you truly believe. That’s what Disney is doing. You work them to your benefit. What good is it to say what you think and die for it? Who is going to benefit from that?

  2. Disney once again makes sure that Freedom of Speech will remain dead and the “Culture Society” will thrive. Hope everyone enjoys the new Socialist Disney.

  3. Wow – and they actually twist what she was expressing in her post – She was just denouncing the actual political environment – You can’t fire people based on their political opinion ! I actually canceled a trip to Disney in March because I am tired of them being so political…I loved Disney because it was a place were you can relax and cut from the outside world – it is not the case anymore.

    • No, you shouldn’t cancel a Disney trip because of what Disney thinks. That isn’t fair. I mean, only part of Disney did this, and it’s not the Disney World part. It’s like hating the brother because the sister dumped you.

    • What legal brilliance that Bob from Toledo puts on display. My partner and I are growing tired of seeings individuals such as Bob at the various parks at WDW. The blank looks of perpetual unhappiness while visiting the happiest place on earth, Not truly enjoying yourself, even though you are able to muster up enough effort to provide a half hearted declaration to others that opposite is true.

  4. I wouldn’t want to work with or employ someone who held beliefs hostile to my existence. That said, Disney has so many male heavy shows (snore) and her character was my reason to watch the Mandolorian. Not just a woman, but a strong, independent, intelligent physical female character. They seem to think only men watch action and adventure. I’m over it.

  5. My two young daughters loved her character. How am I going to explain that she was fired for expressing her personal opinion? You can only have an opinion if certain groups of people agree with it? Where is Freedom of Speech? The Disney I knew as a kid is long gone. It’s sad.

    • Well, one, “Freedom of Speech” only applies to the government. Private companies can tell you you can’t say whatever they don’t want you to say.

      Secondly… “Cara’s actress said some really mean and hurtful things, so they didn’t want to work with her anymore.” Really easy.

      • Except:

        Private companies can tell you you can’t say whatever they don’t want you to say.

        This isn’t true.

        Cara’s actress said some really mean and hurtful things, so they didn’t want to work with her anymore.

        Nor is this.

  6. She went viral on Twitter almost weekly for posting her rhetoric. While it may seem ok for some, saying things like masks are a conspiracy, the election was stolen, and that Republicans getting pushback for their ideas being equivalent to how jews were beaten and killed, these ideas are very controversial and make people feel uncomfortable. Like with any job, if your personal life garners too much negative attention to your company they can fire you. This isn’t unusual and I honestly did not feel comfortable watching her after some of the comments she posted.

  7. Disney needs to make all employees sign a contract to never post anything on social media. That way they will never have this headache.

  8. Firing people for social media posts is not fair because it prejudices against the working class. Look at JK Rowling. She said the wrong thing, but nobody manages to fire her because she owns her own company. So this is a system that only punishes the underling. Or, if the company isn’t under the influence of social media, then their employee gets away with posting whatever. For example, I have an employee who is full of ideas that social media considers offensive, but I will never need to fire him. You know why? Because all my customers are so old that they don’t know what social media is. Also because I’m in an essential business that is in short demand. People will beg us to work even if they were to think that we killed someone, they have no choice. So you see how unfair this firing system is?

  9. Pretty sure you sign a contract whether you are an actor or working in an office building-they have a social media clause saying they can terminate your employment if they think what you say on social media reflects poorly on the company. She’s a public figure of a major studio and she said controversial things that received a lot of attention- so sorry, it’s not a “freedom of speech” issue, it’s a violation of the contract she signed.

  10. and there you have it folks. another conservative voice punished for daring to speak freely. welcome to the new norm.

  11. the same people who are upset she was fired are the same people who were offended by a man kneeling during the national anthem. and tell athletes to just shut up and pass the ball. many jobs these days have social platform clauses in them that say you cant post certain things on social media. i have one and i clean toilets for a living.
    Gina is a beautiful woman who kicks butt and i love that. but the things she has said on social media i completely disagree with. i think she needs to surround herself with better people so she can make better choices. yes she can have an opinion, but maybe have someone who does your social media for you and can word your opinion better.

  12. This is completely stupid, she was a good actress and that should be all that matters. Peoples personal opinions whether popular or not should not matter as long as they can do the job they are being asked to do. Everyone who is fed up with this cancel culture need to stand up, fight back and stop supporting companies that are against free speech and begin supporting companies that support free speech. I do not cancel companies I disagree with provided they respect that differing opinions exist as soon as they try to silence a differing opinion that’s where I draw the line.

  13. When will yall learn that Freedom of Speech doesn’t come with Freedom of Consequences.. get over it shes been pushing her luck with her Antics for a long while now. Has nothing to do with political views but more so that she just like anyone else who is a representative of a company especially one like Disney should know certain behavior will not be tolerated in the public. Shes not a victim here, she just pushed for months and finally got pushed back.

  14. Comparing the criticisms that her right wing crowd gets with the sufferings of the Jewish people during the Holocaust was crossing the line. No ones dragging out right wing conservatives out of their homes and putting them in concentration camps. The only ones getting arrested are the ones caught on camera breaking into the US capitol building . Disney company did the right thing and fired her

  15. James Gunn’s name is being thrown here in the comments . First off he admitted that the jokes he made in 2006!!!! were abhorrent and wrong and he accepted his firing and apologized fully. This showed Alan Horn (chairman of Disney’s movie business) how humble , remorseful and sincere James was in his approach & he hired him back. Let’s assume they hire Back Gina ( I doubt she’ll be remorseful), the next day she’ll be back on the Twitter machine and posting hateful comments

  16. If Disney will continue to support one side of politics and firing people for having an opinion they will lose more than think

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