BREAKING: Disney Park Pass Theme Park Reservation System Extended, Will Remain Through January 2023

Introduced with the reopening of Walt Disney World theme parks in July, the Disney Park Pass reservation system requires guests to book a specific park per day ahead of their trip, based on availability—which varies depending on whether you’re a ticket holder, Annual Passholder, or Disney Resort hotel guests. Previously, the Disney Park Pass availability calendar extended through September 2021, but was then extended until January 2022. With 2022 resort and vacation bookings now open, it seems Disney has updated the calendar to cover that period of time.


The Disney Park Pass calendar now extends through January 2023, meaning that the theme park reservation system is here to stay for quite some time.

A valid Annual Pass or theme park ticket is required to make a Disney Park Pass reservation. As a reminder, Annual Passholders are limited to three rolling Park Pass reservations at a time, in addition to any acquired via a Disney Resort hotel stay.

To check for the most current and up-to-date Disney Park Pass availability, you can take a look at the calendar here. If you’re new to making park reservations, you can check out our step-by-step guide here.

46 thoughts on “BREAKING: Disney Park Pass Theme Park Reservation System Extended, Will Remain Through January 2023”

  1. I find it ridiculous that you have to do extra labour just to go to the Disney parks. The park reservation system was useful during COVID, but it will no longer be necessary once the COVID restrictions are gone.

    • I think we may be seeing this extended to SOP for disney. I really don’t think covid restrictions will be lifted for many years.

    • During covid? You mean covid is over? Bring out the champagne, this guy knows all. Covid isn’t gone, and sadly we’re a long way off from it being over. Do is cast members a favor and leave your mask less self home. Have a magical day!

      • He didn’t say it was over, he said that once COVID is over, the park pass will be just another hindrance and way to keep tourism at record lows. The experts, including Disney execs, have all said that COVID will be gone by the end of this year. So there is no reason to extend it PAST 2022.

    • Agree. It’s hard to make last minute decisions if you have an extra day and your kids decide they want to do a different parks than you planned. Plus, we’ve already had covid-19 and the vaccine, so we shouldn’t have to be punished anymore. We’re immune.

        • Wrong! You develop T cells after your antibodies die down from fighting the virus, which are the memory cells in case the virus comes back. Your body remembers the the virus sure to these T cells. If you are “reinfected”, it’s not COVID-19 anymore, it’s something else. Basic immunology. Don’t believe the media.

  2. I wish Disney would update the reservation system to allow for four (4) reservations at a time. To me, it’s a logical request since there are four parks.

  3. For this and many other reasons, we are done with Disney. No more 2+ week stays 3 or 4 times a year. No more annual passes. We’ve even cancelled Disney+

    We’re done.

  4. Oh well, it is what it is. We will continue to go. We don’t mind the reservation system in place. Most already plan their trips down to what they want every single day, so what is one more step in solidifying that? Just pick your park and move on.

    For random spontaneous days, just pick a park that has availability, if none do or you are determined to go to a certain park and nothing else, just pick a different day. Suck it up and move on like the rest of us.

    I really don’t understand why there is so much negativity.. Do everyone a favor..Truly stick by your decision and don’t go. Leave room for everyone else to make reservations.. Don’t let your sour attitude spoil someone else’s happiness.

    • For me it’s a cost/benefits type of thing. Only one park (magic kingdom) has enough attractions to keep me there all day (or for most the day) for what a day pass cost. They’re pushing out all the consumers who dont book week long stays at their resorts

    • And we are the consumer… why should we have to cater to them? Lol. I dont like having to militantly structure my vacations… especially for what Disney cost already. This kills any desire to fork over the cash to visit for anyone who is a “go with the flow” type personality. If it’s entirely Covid related… I totally understand. They just going to err on side of caution for time being. Hopefully they give themselves flexibility to change things back as that situation hopefully changes for the better. My worry is this is permanent. I like being able to actually experience the attractions… It’s a theme park lol. They already ruined a substantial part of the experience for me with that sorry ass fastpass app. If I can’t also park hop, then I really have no desire to go… at least not for what it cost to get through the gates. They trying to make extra money forcing you to spend your days stuck at one of their resort hotels… not me. That’s what this is about. Those hotels being empty are killing their bottom line right now. I suspect that’s what this is really about

  5. I’m glad for the park reservation system. It is much better than buying tickets for Universal, paying for parking and hiking the miles to the front entrance only to find out that the park is at capacity 15 min after opening. I think it is awesome that I know beforehand that I’m guaranteed a spot into the park whether I show up 1 hrs before park opening or at 1 pm. It is a better and much needed system at this time.

    • “At this time” is the key for me. If it’s entirely COVID related? I get it. But they need to give themselves the flexibility to go back and allow park hopping as the COVID situation hopefully changes for the better… otherwise their park revenue is going to take a beating. For me… it just simply isnt worth the cost for half the experience. I don’t mind being patient and waiting (which is what I’ll do) but I wont pay full price for a lesser experience. AND GET YOUR VACCINES AS SOON AS YOURE ABLE PEOPLE. That is only way things are going to get back to some semblance of normalcy

    • What? That’s never happened to us. Going to a park and not be allowed in? That has never been a thought before unless it’s Christmas or something, and we don’t go then.

  6. The reaction to this story is predictable and overblown, as usual. Disney is keeping the reservation system in place for now just in case they do need it until January 2023. The minute they can drop the system though they will, because there’s no drawback to doing it that way. They can always add more guests, not tell them in the future “oh, never mind, you can’t come today”. I anticipate the system won’t last until then, but we’ll see. The virus and people’s behavior is going to be the driver.

    For those of you saying “I’m cancelling my AP”, great! Fewer people in front of me in line. Disney isn’t quaking in their boots about it either. They’ll do fine without you. In fact, you’re their least profitable guests so they might do better. You aren’t owed anything and if you choose to not be a customer anymore that’s your decision to make. You’re fooling yourself if you think you being angry is going to bully Disney into making a choice you like better though.

    For others just cancelling their vacations, that’s your decision too. But you may get to the date when your vacation was planned and find out you cancelled it for nothing because the restrictions have been dropped.

    As for me, I haven’t been to WDW since the pandemic started, but we’re going in a couple of weeks. I’m cautiously excited to see what it’s like. And very excited to finally get a look at Galaxy’s Edge.

  7. Disney World did this because they are booking hotel reservations that far out. When they deem it is no longer necessary, it could disappear. This doesn’t guarantee the reservation system will be in place that long.

  8. Guarantee all these whingers go back even after their pathetic rants. From an Aussie that is waiting to one day get back, I could only wish to have a Disneyland closer to us. Grow up and appreciate what you have.

  9. This reservation system will never go away. It will allow Disney to staff the parks to the bare minimum for the anticipated guest level.

  10. This totally excludes DVC owners because DVC owners cannot make resort reservations that far in advance. It makes no sense to get Park Pass Tickets, when you cannot make resort reservations. Disney continues to take away the values in DVC ownership. It appears to be time for a class action law suit.

  11. being a dvc member, THIS IS NOT WHAT DISNEY SOLD TO ME! reserving a room for dvc, yes. reserving a place in one of their theme parks? what next disney? we take away the magic over the flu because one might be exposed? keep your mask mandate and my disney points are long gone!

  12. To all you people that are complaining and saying you will not go back. Thank you. You are one less person I have to stand behind in line.

  13. Disney only thinking of themselves. What about those of us who only go to a park for one experience and then spend the rest of their time elsewhere? My last trip, I literally only had one Hollywood Studios exclusive day, but every other day, I went there first thing to get a boarding pass, then killed time waiting in line for Slinky Dog until my boarding group was called, then hopped to whichever park was open later that night. But now we’re being trapped in one park until 2 PM. Which I’m sure is illegal, I believe the US constitution, of which FlorIda is part of, only allows for forced housing in wartime. What are we supposed to do, ride the same ride 10 times in a row? As it is, the shows are gone for now. Some attractions are undergoing maintenance. And then there’s Animal Kingdom…which only has 3 rides worth doing.

  14. I am so not stepping foot in the parks if:

    1. That reservation system is in place;
    2. There are no fastpasses.
    3. There is one little garbage can missing from the parks compared to the before covid days.
  15. This doesn’t sound good but I imagine Disney will deal with it the same way they do anything else. If this actually drives down attendance then they will easily change it. But if it doesn’t, if it’s like the resort parking fee or the canceling DME or the getting rid of fastpass, where people just suck it up and accept it, then it’s just a bunch of complaints and the money keeps coming in anyway, and they will just do this and other stuff for their own benefit, to the discomfort of the guests, who will swarm WDW anyway.

  16. We have been planning a trip in June 2021, and in the past couple days, the reservations for Hollywood Studios became unavailable. Do the park reservations update if people cancel or change plans? Do they add more availability if the park capacity increases? thank you!!!

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