PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 2/19/21 (More Sign Painting, Toy Topiaries, Limited Release Mickey Ears and Artists)



PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 2/19/21 (More Sign Painting, Toy Topiaries, Limited Release Mickey Ears and Artists)



PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 2/19/21 (More Sign Painting, Toy Topiaries, Limited Release Mickey Ears and Artists)

Let’s see, what’s a good way to introduce this post… could do something inspirational, maybe a good quote, or talk about the weather, or we could just use a classic. Hey everyone and welcome to another day at Epcot!


We start our day seeing Goofy getting ready for his paint treatment. Since yesterday the posts were fixed and painted and all that was left was his background, progress that really shocked us at how quickly it was going. Check out this post for the last update.


We were greeted by some friendly faces just added for the Flower and Garden Festival. Out of curiosity, what’s your favorite Toy Story, we’re having a hard time deciding of the four.


Down the path into World Showcase we saw some additions to the former waffle booth and the dark clouds rolling in as well.


Next to that we couldn’t help taking a sneak peak when we spotted a few tears in the scrim, it’s hard to tell what’s in there, but colorful is definitely accurate.


In Germany, we keep hoping to see the full return of everything on the menu, just to arrive and see more black tape. As long as they don’t take anything else away, I think we’ll survive.


With a quick stop back in Morocco, we were happy to see that the new food kiosk was doing well and the Bazaar was busy once again. A small tip to our readers though, the Sangria is really good and worth the price. Compared to the Sangria found outside, which is a premade mix, this Sangria is specifically made for this kiosk, fresh, daily, and served with fruit. It’s made to be shared by two people for $20, so you’re getting a pretty good amount for your money. Between this new kiosk and the one in the outer area of the pavilion, you’ll save a few dollars and feel much more satisfied in our honest opinion. Still stop at the other kiosk for their cookies, those are still really delicious.


Flying over Ratatouille in the windy, stormy weather, we saw cast members around the entrance. What does this mean exactly? To be honest, we can’t be sure, but hopefully, it’s another step closer to us getting to finally ride it.


On our ride on the Skyliner, the wind was pushing us back and forth so much that they had to temporarily hold the line to wait for us to stop swinging and although a lot of people afterwards asked us if we were terrified by all of it. We answered that for some reason we felt completely safe probably because it was Disney. It did give us a moment to catch this shot of the storms brewing over Epcot.


Also this shot of the Harmonious center piece, which is a lot easier to get pictures of when you aren’t moving, bouncing around, or swinging back and forth.


Back on, stable, still, non-swinging land, we took a moment to enjoy the view of Riviera and one of the few sunny areas left before heading back to the park.


It wasn’t very surprising that the moment we get back it starts pouring, but the silver lining was we found this great little topiary of Tinker Bell who didn’t seem to mind the weather. Our soggy shoes on the other hand were saying something far different.


Even the Koi over in Japan seemed to be enjoying it, getting very riled up every time a drop of rain hit the water. You’d think a fish wouldn’t mind the rain, already wet and all.


Hearing that some new Mickey Ears were just released, we ran over to the World Showplace Events Pavilion to check it out. It seems Alex Maher is the latest Disney artist to release some ears and managed to not only get a pair for ourselves but ones that were signed. Thank you Mr. Maher, they’re awesome! They’re also $78 less our annual passholder discount, but still awesome nonetheless. Also, they’re limited release, so get them while you can.


We ended the day talking to artist Michelle St. Laurent who agrees that she can’t wait for the return of the Three Caballeros as well, painting this piece today in dedication to our favorite band of birds.