PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 2/23/21 (New Maps, More Character Topiaries, Carol, and Nature’s Beauty)



PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 2/23/21 (New Maps, More Character Topiaries, Carol, and Nature’s Beauty)



PHOTO REPORT: Epcot 2/23/21 (New Maps, More Character Topiaries, Carol, and Nature’s Beauty)

Welcome to Florida where it seems the weather hasn’t made up its mind whether it wants to be hot or cold, clear or rainy. Today was one of the good days with perfect temperatures and clear skies and we welcome you all to join us for the day.


We started this beautiful day to focus on the one thing that many overlook as they walk into Epcot. This beautiful flag represents our great country and the people in it, waving in the sky symbolizing our hopes and unity. We can’t blame you though, a giant silver ball is, well, pretty distracting.


Also, the fact that all of the construction in the courtyard in front of Spaceship Earth is finally complete, meaning one step closer to Epcot being fully open once again.


And with a new festival just around the corner and attractions being built, an updated map was just released as well.


Now a question has been on our minds for a while now since we noticed this tree. What kind of tree is it? It seems local cast members have had the same questions and with some digging, a few experimental apps, and a group discussion of experts in the park, we found our answer. It is a silk floss tree, which honestly was a surprise to us all.


With the festival almost a week away, topiaries have been sprouting up all around the park, starting with this Miss Piggy we found out by the United Kingdom Pavilion.


Along with Kermit the Frog riding his bicycle.


Now we know we’ve shown you Tinker Bell before, but thought it would be better to show her off in the beautiful sunlight.


Now a real surprise for all of us was finding Carol playing in the gazebo and although we were more used to her playing a different genre of music in the area, Carol came to a compromise with us on a song request. We missed her playing Elton John and although she could only play Disney songs suggested music from the Lion King. We have to admit, she is as intelligent and she is talented and we loved our private performance of Can You Feel the Love Tonight.


Over in France, we were welcomed by Belle and the Beast, we weren’t sure if we liked Belle’s dress, but it’s growing on us.

IMG 2811 9968452

Checking up on Ratatouille, we didn’t find many changes, except for this one. Our little chef greetings guests on the biggest wheel of cheese we’ve ever seen, biggest spoon too.


We found a dragon by the waters in the Japanese Pavilion.


The shy escapades of a lady and a tramp in Italy.


And a local village in Germany getting ready for new festival signage.


We ran into Mickey and Minnie cruising around the World Showcase in style.


And yes, that mouse definitely has style.


On our way out, we stopped to catch some 3d shorts. We love them, but honestly wonder when they’re ever going to put in some new ones. Our vote is for John Kars’ Paperman, leave a comment and tell us what you wish they would play in there.


With waters once again fully filled, no clouds in the sky and perfect climates, what else could you possibly ask for at a day at Disney.


A beautiful sunset, well, low wait times, free giveaways, discounts, popup stores, new foods, and desserts as well as merchandise, just saying. With that, we say, goodnight and farewell, until we meet again.

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  1. Agree with Author, With an extensive library of shorts (both Disney Animation Studios & Pixar) , why cant they shuffle every few months. I still like get a horse and piper, but after a while it starts getting annoying & boring. The imagination pavilion needs traffic & this is a good way of doing it, unless they fix the figment ride.

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