PHOTOS: Jerrod Maruyama x Disney “Kingdom of Cute” Home Collection Arrives at the Downtown Disney District


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PHOTOS: Jerrod Maruyama x Disney “Kingdom of Cute” Home Collection Arrives at the Downtown Disney District

The WonderGround Gallery at the Downtown Disney District has officially reopened after operating temporarily as a Star Wars trading post. Jerrod Maruyama, who is known for his cute designs of Disney park icons, aptly called Kingdom of Cute, has a new featured collection at the boutique.


“Kingdom of Cute” Jerrod Maruyama Canvas – $75


Though an incorrect sign was displayed at the WonderGround Gallery today, a new Jerrod Maruyama Canvas art piece is now available to purchase. The artwork features Kingdom of Cute icons in his signature style on top of a light pink background.

Kingdom of Cute Ceramic Plates – $34.99


Four 6.8-inch ceramic plates come in this dining set. Each has a different Disney park icon on it: Dumbo á la his namesake attraction vehicle, José from the Enchanted Tiki Room, the White Rabbit on a Mad Tea Party teacup, and of course a cute-styled Cinderella Castle.


These microwave and dishwasher-safe plates are packaged nicely on the shelf, complete with a bow.

Kingdom of Cute Nesting Bowls – $34.99


Three bowls come with this set and measure 3.8-inches, 5.4-inches, and 8.5-inches, smallest to largest.


The largest bowl is surrounded with the park icons on its exterior.


Each bowl is whimsically decorated on the inside.


Though it’s hard to tell the look of each bowl from the packaging alone, the tag reveals the designs for each individual bowl.

Kingdom of Cute Tray – $29.99


This light blue serving tray features some of our favorite rides, attractions, and snacks from the Disney parks.


The back of the tray is a solid light blue.

Kingdom of Cute Throw Blanket – $39.99


This fluffy throw is 60-inches x 72-inches.


The white blanket has large cute park icons displayed throughout its design.


The complete pattern can be seen on the attached tag.

Kingdom of Cute Stainless Steel Bottle – $22.99


This reusable bottle is made of stainless steel and is sure to keep your drinks cool.


The Kingdom of Cute icons are printed throughout the bottle.


Kingdom of Cute Dome-Top Tumbler – $24.99


This colorful tumbler is full of stripes and cuteness.


Inside the dome at the top, you can find miniatures of Snow White, a Pirate Skeleton, and Orange Bird.


On the other side of the dome sits José, a castle, and White Rabbit inside a Mad Tea Party teacup.


The tumbler also features a rubber sleeve that has even more icons around it, such as a Mickey Ear Hat and Mickey Balloon.


From the top of the tumbler, you can see that the orange straw gives a bright complement to the green grass that the miniature characters are sitting on within the dome.

Kingdom of Cute Cake Stand – $34.99


This ceramic cake stand features all of the fun colors you’d expect from the Kingdom of Cute collection.


The inside of the stand contains the Disney park icons.


The base of the cake stand is made up of green, pink and orange stripes.

Dumbo Plant Pot – $22.99


This Dumbo planter is an homage to his namesake ride.


Decked out in light and dark pink hues, this Dumbo faux planter is definitely cute with its pink hat.


Whereas the Dumbo The Flying Elephant attraction at Disneyland and Walt Disney World carries guests high in the sky, this Dumbo carries faux plants.


A faux succulent comes with this Dumbo pot.


Dumbo’s stance is reflective of how he looks when flying in the sky, complete with a little tail.

White Rabbit Mad Tea Party Plant Pot – $22.99


Oh my fur and whiskers! This cute decorative piece features White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland sitting inside of a Mad Tea Party teacup.


With the White Rabbit and pastel coloring, this just might the perfect piece of décor for Easter, but can still be enjoyed year-round.


The decoration comes complete with a faux plant.


As the bottom of the planter does not have any drainage for an actual plant, we would recommend proceeding with caution if you choose to put a real plant inside.


We found all of these Jerrod Maruyama x Disney Kingdom of Cute pieces at the WonderGround Gallery, located at the Downtown Disney District at the Disneyland Resort.

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