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PHOTOS: Rey’s Speeder & More Netting Added as New Star Wars Trading Post Store Nears Completion at Downtown Disney District

With an opening date of February 19, the transformation of the Rainforest Cafe building into the new Star Wars Trading Post is nearly complete. The facade of the building has been receiving various elements to turn it into a jungle Resistance base, such as netting. In addition to receiving even more netting, the latest enhancement to the storefront at the Downtown Disney District features a life-size version of Rey’s speeder.


With additional netting added to the facade, the transformation from Rainforest Cafe into a hidden Resistance base is coming along nicely. Though the store’s signage is still covered, we are excited to see Rey’s speeder out front!


Displayed prominently at the entrance, Rey’s speeder is life-sized.


A sign on the base of the stage featuring the speeder kindly requests that Guests remain off the stage.


The side of the speeder features cargo, adding to the Star Wars element.


There are also currently blue markers on the ground surrounding the perimeter of the stage stating that this is “Not Available,” leaving for the potential of a photo-opportunity in the future since no guests can sit here.

Are you excited for the opening of the Star Wars Trading Outpost? What merchandise do you hope they will carry? Let us know your thoughts!

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  1. I really hope that post COVID they open this as a Star Wars restaurant, in the style of Maz’s Cantina with character dining and maybe selling some of the same beers they do in Galaxy’s Edge. 🙏🏻 Keep the gift shop for Star Wars merchandise. Such as shame to lose all that space and industrial kitchen. Even if it opens in 2024 it is a good idea!

  2. No themed docking or means of camouflage, just welded metal for the base huh?
    Really keeping that Disney Magic alive, aren’t they.

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