PHOTOS: More Plexiglass Dividers Added to Queue at Pirates of the Caribbean in Magic Kingdom

Since we last checked in, the exterior covered queue of Pirates of the Caribbean at Magic Kingdom is now full of Plexiglass dividers.


The ride was briefly down this morning, but we got a good look at the dividers that now reach the attraction’s arched entrances.


With dividers in place, more guests can safely fit within the queue area without the line trailing out onto the Adventureland sidewalk.


The dividers start at about knee level and the Plexiglass is at eye level.


How do you feel about more attractions adding Plexiglass dividers to their queues? Let us know in the comments.

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8 months ago

Enough’s enough. If you’re that worried then don’t go until you’re not.

beautiful gorgeous
8 months ago

Many have said Plexiglas doesn’t work (wish I had stock in it). Many have said masks don’t work. I think Disney wants people to “feel” safe. Feeling safe doesn’t make you safe. We went during all of this. I didn’t get covid, but I did injure my wrist tripping over uneven pavement in the dark near World of Disney. Hope that helps.