PHOTOS: Future World Waterways Near The Seas Pavilion Being Drained, Possibly for Moana – Journey of Water Construction

Recently,  during a trip to EPCOT, we noticed the waterways between The Land and The Seas pavilions had been drained. Given the timeline for the demolition of Innoventions West, we assumed the last draining was to make way for Moana – Journey of Water. Then Disney refilled the waterways. Well, it seems likely we only jumped the gun by a few days as the area is being drained once again, and this time it appears it is not related to cold weather in the area.


The water level is noticeably lower near the demolition site.


The interesting thing this time is the rock wall that was created to dam the waterways, we assume so the ponds remaining can stay filled.


We will continue to check back and monitor the draining between The Land and The Seas Pavilions. Is it related to the upcoming construction? Only time will tell.

In the meantime, keep checking back with WDWNT for updates on this project.

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Please stop
Please stop
9 months ago

They just csnt leave well enough alone. That was the beauty of EPCOT. It wasn’t overdone with the feel of theme park. It allowed creativity and the future to drive it. Cant they just stop already?!