Star wars trading post

PHOTOS: More Wires and Plants Added to Star Wars Trading Post at Disneyland Resort

Just when we thought no more Star Wars could be thrown onto the old Rainforest Cafe building, more appears. On a trip to Downtown Disney in Disneyland Resort we noticed that even more wires and plants have been added to the soon-to-be Star Wars Trading Post.

This project has been underway since it was announced that the old Rainforest Cafe would be turned into a galactic merchandise location in mid-January. The scheduled opening date for the new Star Wars Trading Post is February 19.


Even more wires have been added to the upper tower of the facade. A few days ago, Rey’s speeder was placed on a pedestal in front of the old Rainforest Cafe building.


Plants to establish the “jungle Resistance base” theme have also been added to the front of the building. Recently we got to see the outside of the new location light up at night for the first time.

Are you excited for this new store? What do you think of the changes to the facade? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.