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PHOTOS: New Limited Edition Pins (Gaston, Windows of Main Street U.S.A. Haunted Mansion, ETC.) Arrive at Walt Disney World

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New additions to the Magical Comics, Artfully Evil, Windows of Main Street U.S.A., and Magic in the Stars pin collections have arrived at Walt Disney World. These pins are part of new monthly collections that will be released at both Walt Disney World and Disneyland.

Magical Comics Dumbo Pin — $19.99


This Dumbo pin opens up to reveal a heartwarming scene between Dumbo and Timothy Q. Mouse.

This pin is a Limited Edition 2,500.

Magic In The Stars The Little Mermaid Pin — $19.99


This pin is represents the Aquarius zodiac sign and spins to reveal the The Little Mermaid.

This pin is a limited edition 4,000.

The Windows of Main Street U.S.A. Pin — $19.99


This pin opens to reveal Madame Leota, who is in regions beyond but having a ball.

This pin is a Limited Edition 3,000.

Artfully Evil Gaston Pin — $19.99


Gaston shows that no one collects pins like Gaston in this colorful addition to the series.

This pin is a Limited Edition 3,000.

All of these pins were found at the Frontier Trading Post at the Magic Kingdom.

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