PHOTOS: TRON Lightcycle Run Supports Repositioned to Install Higher Section of Canopy at the Magic Kingdom

It was a week ago when we noticed that temporary support structures were beginning to be dismantled from TRON Lightcycle / Run, the latest attraction to come to the Magic Kingdom. Today, we saw that even more temporary supports have been removed from parts of the canopy while some have been added to support the installation of higher parts of the canopy.


The latest temporary supports have been added to prepare for the installation of the canopy at the higher sections of the structure.


From this angle, we can see that the canopy has taken a nice curved shape.


Though there is no activity at the moment, heavy machinery remain on-site as construction hauls on.


Here, the pinnacle of the canopy is noticeable as the temporary supports have formed a very high peak.


These brown structures are the temporary supports, holding up the integrity of the canopy.


Some roof work of the show building is visible as well.


The peak is just about as tall as the building. The next step for the canopy work will be for more steel beams to be installed along the tall supports.


Temporary structures have been dismantled on older sections of the canopy, which can be seen missing from the left side of the photo above.


Comparing today’s progress to the image above from last week, we can get a better idea of the progress of the seemingly simultaneous temporary support removal and addition.


We can see the various curves slowly taking shape as the canopy work progresses.


Here is another look at the peak the latest temporary supports create.


Not much has changed at the construction site as canopy beams remain stored there, waiting to be hoisted up to continue the canopy work on top of the peak.


TRON Lightcycle / Run is not expected to open in time for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary as the opening date has been delayed. However, we will continue to keep you updated with the latest information as construction progresses.

Can’t wait to see this attraction? You can watch our POV of TRON Lightcycle Power Run in Shanghai Disneyland below:

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Jeannette Sanchez
Jeannette Sanchez
9 months ago

I can’t hardly wait and excited for the Tron: Lightcycle Run at the Magic Kingdom and I can’t wait for the Opening Next year for the 50th birthday of Walt Disney World Resort!

beautiful gorgeous
9 months ago

This one is taking FOREVER. When it opens, we will be in 90 min lines.