PHOTOS, VIDEO: A Closer Look at NEW “Leave A Legacy” Displays Outside of EPCOT

With the reimagining of EPCOT’s entrance, the Leave A Legacy monuments were removed back in 2019. Twenty years ago, guests could get their images immortalized on these monuments displayed outside of Spaceship Earth. Leave A Legacy finally has a new home—and a new look—outside of EPCOT’s entrance.


The new version of the monument is a dynamic rainbow of colors, designed to match the new color scheme of EPCOT.


The wall of panels is approximately nine feet high including the curb, which might make finding a photo in the top few rows difficult.


Metal fencing fills in some of the more angled sections of the walls.


To find your Leave A Legacy portrait, you can scan the available QR code or visit epcottilefinder.com and input your information.


Note the new Leave a Legacy logo utilizing the current EPCOT logo font.


This is just the first round of Leave A Legacy panels to be installed. If you can’t find your photo, it will probably be unveiled in the weeks ahead.


Watch our video tour of the new Leave A Legacy panels below.

How do you feel about the new look and location of Leave A Legacy? Let us know in the comments!

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Mike Hammond
Mike Hammond
9 months ago

Oh dear
Sorry but you seem to have cheapened the whole leave a legacy idea.
The granite pillars really made us feel as though generations of our family could return time after time and feel an affinity with Epcot because of how solid they were, these new panels look cheap and at 9 feet high out of reach for the unfortunates whose images are towards the top.
Why did you do it.

9 months ago
Reply to  Mike Hammond

Because the faces were fading to the point that they could not be seen anymore, the walls were constantly being climbed on by children whose parents didn’t watch them, and they looked like tombstones with the faces of the dead rather than guests. This is much better.

Melissa Rosenberger
Melissa Rosenberger
9 months ago

Do we know if they are they have the same number as when they were inside the park? Like panel 12, row 1, column 2 or whatever it is (I don’t remember what it is off the top of my head from when we did it, but I know my mom has the card from when we did it way back.